Terayle Hill is one of Hollywood’s rising stars. His resilience, hard work, discipline, and determination landed him numerous roles in television and film’s most anticipated movies and television series which includes Superfly, Acrimony, Being Mary Jane, Tales, Love Simon and much more. In this exclusive with Sheen Magazine Hill talks about his latest projects, his new year resolutions, and more.

Tell us about your latest projects. What fans can look forward to? 

The latest project releasing is a guest star slot on Chicago PD, Season 7, Episode 10. More projects pending but that’s the only one with a release date! Hope you all enjoy it!

How did some of your previous television/film credits prepare you for your current roles?

I’ve noticed I’ve been playing the villain more often. Luckily, I can bring certain elements of older characters to newer ones and keep the momentum going.

Where do you gather some of your inspiration from when preparing for roles?

Life experience and film study. I’ve never taken a formal acting class so I pull from what I pick up through life.

If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would you like to play you?

It’s hard to answer. I’m only 25. I’ve only scratched the surface of what I’d like to get accomplishes in life. Hopefully, when it’s time to document my life’s work on camera, my only requirement for the actor is to spend time and really discuss my life — rather than someone telling my story without me personally involved.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your acting career so far?

Proudest accomplishment so far was working on a film with the Black Panther Party. Hands down, that was my best feeling. I met a lot of important people and others who are related to people who are in the history books. My experience in Cleveland was invaluable.

How do you believe your previous cast and crew would describe you?

Hopefully around my work ethic. I’ve never claimed to be the best at what I do; I’d rather never be the best. I’d like to constantly work towards being the best so I never feel like I’ve reached my peak. And most of the castmates that I actually spend time with getting to hear and see the work I try to get accomplished off-set. That’s way more important to me than my resume.

Is there a character type you like to play that you haven’t already? Describe a scene of your vision for this character?

The only character I’d like to play that I haven’t is the lead of a major motion picture. It doesn’t matter the character I want the challenge of performing and contributing to box office sales. 

Going into the new year do you have any 2020 new year resolutions? 

The biggest resolution for me is to never let personal matters negatively interfere with my craft. Can’t let them see you sweat even when life is turning up the heat.

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Featured Image provided by Terayle Hill