Once a year, thousands of natural hair enthusiasts gather to celebrate their roots—quite literally—for Curl Fest, only the most major festival that celebrates natural tresses. The Curly Girl Collective began their annual Curl Fest back in 2010, and with rapid growth & support the event had to move from a park to an island to compensate for the large number of attendees. The natural hair festival encourages self-confidence and full conspicuousness. And honestly, with the politics surrounding natural hair, spaces as lively and as inspiring as these are more than necessary. One look at previous Curl Fest-hashtagged photos, and you know the festival promises a good time and some good beauty and hairstyles. This year’s Curl Fest was no disappointment. Many festival-goers went all out; adorning their natural hair with flowers, crowns, shells, & other embellishments. Check out our round-up of the best festival-style moments from Curl Fest 2019 below. These ladies can certainly show us a thing or two about basking In Full Bloom.



All images by Whitney Sylvain