Social media sensation, Daye La Soul has captivated the hearts of thousands all over the world! She caught the eye of many for her natural hair care videos but we had no idea how much we would adore this naturalista until we had the chance to get to know her. She’s everything you see on camera and more. We discussed everything from the inspiration to start her YouTube channel all the way to what her favorite beauty products are. Daye sat down to give Sheen the insight on the woman in front of the camera. You don’t want to miss this!

Can you tell our readers about yourself? What inspired you to create a YouTube channel?

My name is Daye and I’m an “influencer” or natural hair blogger on social media! I started my journey back to natural hair in 2011 and I was pulled into the blogging world in 2015 when a few hair blogs reposted my pictures when I first started wearing curly hair styles as I was still transitioning, and a flood of questions about my hair started being asked.

Your subscribers gravitate to you for sharing your natural hair journey. What can you tell us about how the journey has been so far?

I’ll say it’s been rewarding, it’s been an uphill journey full of growth, self-discovery and empowerment! It took me from 2011 to 2015 to actually start wearing curly hair styles and get away from unhealthy habits like constant straightening and bleaching. I feel like the hardest part of the journey has definitely been the mental aspect, like perception and attitude towards our hair directly effects your personal happiness with your hair and the actual health of your hair. At that time when I was still in the early stages of transitioning, there was not a lot of representation for coily and kinky-haired naturals so I was constantly comparing my hair to the looser textured and waist length ladies. I had to re-program my brain to let go of unrealistic expectations and learn to embrace what I had, and in doing so I had new confidence in myself and I redefined what I thought was beautiful about natural hair and now, I’m my own hair goals.

What is your favorite part about being an online personality?

My favorite part is hands down is my supporters! They’re so encouraging, funny, and caring. It’s still surreal to me that this many people care about my hair and my life. If it wasn’t for them asking and encouraging me to blog and put myself out there, I would not have done any of this. It’s really a beautiful and empowering thing when a group of people you have never met are always rooting for your success. The messages I get about how much I’ve helped ladies not only with their hair, but confidence in being themselves is amazing.

How do you handle the criticism you receive from the haters online?

I actually have been working on not addressing it. I used to feel the need to always address it and correct people but I’ve realized that often times the negativity is coming from an account the person is hiding behind in order to attempt to hurt others in order to make themselves feel better in some way. So the problem they have is really an internal issue with themselves. So lately my motto has been “DELETE AND BLOCKEDT” because I just don’t want that kind of energy on my personal platforms.

To you, what is the most rewarding part of sharing your journey on YouTube?

The most rewarding thing about blogging on YouTube is that it has allowed me to tap into an ability and personal growth that I would have never fathomed I could do and reach so many people while doing it. I have a BA in Sociology and my minor was anthropology, if you asked me in college what I was going to do post-graduation, I never would’ve thought I would teach myself how to record, photograph, edit, educate, inspire,  market and express myself in this way through hair. And for that passion to be bridged into a (hopefully soon to be full time) career, has definitely provided me with some direction for where I want my life to and confidence that I will be fulfilled when I reach my goal.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide. What is your holy grail product and why?

I’m such a product junkie and I feel like my hair needs change month to month, so it’s always hard for me to pick favorites. Lately, my go to has been Mielle Organics. Their new Pomegranate Honey Line is so moisturizing and that hold from the Twisting Souffle has been giving my twist out’s life! Plus their Babassu Deep Conditoner followed by the Avocado Hair Milk as my leave-in has been one of my go to’s when my hair is dry.

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