With timeless mantra and effortless juxtapositions,
iconic fashion stylist, Misa Hylton continues to be our guiding light.

The Mount Vernon, New York native unabashedly credits the beginning of her success to music mogul, Sean Combs. Hylton began dating Combs when she was 15 and her foray into fashion styling started when her then-boyfriend was promoted from intern to A&R at Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records. The label had just signed R&B group, Jodeci, who were in dire need of a fresh image.

“I was able to be there to help Sean sell his vision to Andre Harrell which became a really big hit at the time,” Hylton reminisces. “Jodeci definitely set the male R&B singers apart when we came up with the combat boots, the hoodies, and the baseball caps,” she muses. “Up until that point, most R&B singers, especially those who sang ballads were always dressed up. We were definitely at the forefront at the time where music was about to shift and so was the image.”  


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