Mahisha Dellinger created her beauty empire with diligence, now she is helping others do the same.

The phone calls, e-mails, traveling coast to coast, and constant meetings, while still managing to take care of yourself and family can become a very tedious and demanding job. But when you love what you do and are determined to crash through the glass ceiling, you press through the hardships of entrepreneurship to create avenues for other young ladies to follow. Mahisha Dellinger, the creator of the innovative natural hair care brand CURLS – did just that and become the Ultimate Boss. She launched CURLS in 2002 after taking a leap of faith and leaving her job as a marketing manager.

Dellinger says, “What pushed me to my destiny was my experience with corporate racism. I worked at Intel Corporation and had a horrific experience and decided that I was going to branch out on my own, invest in myself, and leap out in my destiny and future. My passion was being a mother and having new natural hair. Without a lot of options for hair care, I created a solution and that’s how CURLS was born.”

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Photography by Kauwuane Burton

Makeup by Jamie Dionne