Tami Roman showcases a side unknown to many.

Her vibrant energy introduces her, as soon as she enters a room, the undeniable presence that is Tami Roman. At this time in her life, she is celebrating a multitude of wins, from the success of BonnieChronicles, to mastering her mogul skills and starring in a slew of television. Tami is now entering a new chapter, one filled with love, magic, and the power of partnership with Reggie Youngblood. We’ve all side-eyed the Instagram pics of the cute couple, trying to figure out just what exactly they have going on, but finally, we’ve gotten all the answers we need!

Never one to slow down, Tami explains to us that her work ethic and willingness to always be thinking of the next step came from her mother, who worked three jobs to provide for her family. It’s this inherited an unstoppable drive which has propelled Tami into the limelight. BonnetChronicles, for instance, (which now has over 2.2 million followers and its own merchandise line) started while Tami was on vacation when most of us wouldn’t dream of attempting anything with even the slightest semblance of work.

This feature was written by Keri Sparks and Lou Martyn

Photography by Nathan Pearcy 

Stylist: Ryan Christopher

MUA: Jessica Ammons 

Hair: Kimberly Shadani