Sheen continues to welcome you along the journey as we search for the best up-and-coming beauty brands delivering high-quality products in hair, makeup and skincare.

Natural hair care company, Chocolate Kinks and Kurls wants to empower women to see the beauty in themselves.  CEO/Founder, Juanita Henderson affectionately known for her hair tribe as the Kurl Koach is deeply connected to her company’s mission to build a team of women with healthy hair by deepening knowledge through proper education.

“I have integrity and I want to make sure my consumers know what they are getting,” Henderson stated.

Aside from a commendable mission, the young company’s collection of hair care products are a candy store to treat your tresses, including: Lemon Rose Defining Gel to fight frizz, Pineapple Honey Shine Glaze to combat dry brittle hair and more.

Here are 3 tips from the Kurl Koach to keep you empowered, uplifted and encouraged on your natural hair care journey.

Empower YOUR Hair

After her daughter voiced self-esteem issues related to her tightly curled hair, Henderson said she big-chopped to set a precedent that there is indeed beauty in every texture of every strand of hair.

“I felt horrible. For me, it’s like you do your part as a mom to encourage your daughter to embrace themselves: their hair and skin, but you’re the ultimate reflection of that. It was a knife to the chest. She needed to see a reflection of herself in me.”

Similarly, she is compelled to empower women who fall prey to the misconception more relaxed curls are superior to more coiled hair types, which she asserts is perpetuated by how products are marketed and unrealistic expectations from consumers.

Instead she provides products packed with natural ingredients that improve the natural texture of diverse hair types while offering classes to teach women how to care for hair and embrace their unique hair journeys rather than focusing on the end results.

Ingredients 1-4 are the Core  

The haircare business is estimated to earn more than $500 billion dollars and marketers are conscious of what women of color want, but Henderson says some of their marketing tactics are less than honest and consumers need to be vigilant. Advertisers entice women with promises of healthier products, but fail to mention the amount of synthetic fillers these products still contain.

Her rule of thumb when purchasing any product is to pay attention to the first four ingredients listed on the label because they are the most prominent ingredients in the product. And her products are no exception to the 1-4 rule. When Cocoa Cream Clay Wash, which strengthens,
detangles and repairs the scalp was put to the label test, its first four ingredients included: shea butter, aloe vera, panthenol (a provitamin of B5) and distilled water.

“It’s a game changer. The clay wash derived from bentonite clay is an actual power-pack cleanser. The feedback we get back is how much it changed their wash day and the shine that they get,” Henderson said.

Quality, Consistency and Patience

Oh, you’ve tried everything and it seems your hair just won’t grow. Take a breath, don’t panic and listen up. The health and quality of your hair can and will improve but it doesn’t happen overnight. Henderson says quality products, plus consistently using the right product for your hair type and patience to allow the right product combination to work, equals natural and healthy hair.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts, ladies!

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