Miranda D. Cole is Writing/Author coach who helps people take their book ideas from conception to fulfillment. Being a writer/author herself, she understands the process and challenges that comes taking on this assignment. In 2016 she created JamBugg and Company to help other writers/authors while creating her own books, journals, and other products.

In 2010, she published her first book of poetry entitled, “As Seasons Change.” Currently, creating a series of journals entitled, “Wisdom Series.” She also writes stage plays, movies, and web series. She is currently working on a web series entitled, “Love At What Cost.” Miranda offers a wide range of coaching programs and services-from individual coaching to seminars and workshops. To contact Miranda, please visit her on the Jam Bugg Company website.

Tell us a little about you?

I am Miranda Cole, my company is JamBugg & Company. I am a 12-year educator of Business Education in the public school system. I am married to Jermaine Cole and have one daughter, Amber Barnes. We live in Tallahassee, FL.

How many businesses do you have? And what are they?

I have one business, but it wears many hats. It includes greeting cards, journals, business cards, bookmarks, fliers, & other printed materials. Many of the products are customized to fit the client’s needs. I help clients with book publishing needs Also, I am a writer and working on books and a new web series entitled, “Love At What Cost.”

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

It actually fell in my lap by offering assistance to others. From the desire to help others, JamBugg & Company was born.

What has been your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur?

My greatest challenge has been educating myself to show myself worthy. Customers want to see credentials.

Tell us something no one knows you like?

I am a western and old movies fan. Some of favorite actors and actresses from that era are James Stewart, Carey Grant, Randolph Scott, James Garner, Van Johnson, Judy Garland, Angela Lansbury, Maureen O’Hara, and Doris Day. My all-time favorite western is “The Virginian.”

What would your 21-year-old self-tell the woman you are today?

Hang in there girl, it’s working for your good and you’ll reap the benefits in a little while

What direction do you feel that we as women in business can do to continue to trailblaze for the next generation of women in business?

I feel we can continue to be honest. We can also introduce the young people in our community to what we are doing and invite them to be a part of it.

What exciting project are you working on/completed?

Currently, I am writing episodes for my new web series, “Love, At What Cost.” I am excited because it’s an independent project.

What final words do you want to share?

I am thankful for the statement JamBugg & Company is making and hopefully we are making a difference.

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