Shyrell Hobson is the founder of S.E.E.D, a 501c nonprofit organization empowering youth through athletics and academic excellence. As a gifted motivator, the core of Shyrell’s message is transforming lives through a holistic approach to living. Her message is for those seeking to live a healthy lifestyle and discover their purpose in life.

What is your ultimate goal and objective professionally?

To build resilience together, teach others how to take personal responsibility for our own emotions and discover the willpower to be emotionally strong so that we may feel peace and happiness and have the courage it takes to leave our legacy in this world.

What inspired you to create the S.E.E.D. nonprofit and community initiatives?

The strength, endurance, energy, and determination of my brother inspired me to relive his legacy by creating a safe place for other young men to experience success in their gift (athletics) while still focusing on the importance of academics and mentorship.

What advice would you share with women who are interested in starting a nonprofit?

Just do it! It’s time to take action on the things that are relevant…. discover your purpose and share with others!

Having received a Proclamation from the City of Houston and speaking opportunity at the WLEC Conference in Thailand – what would you attribute to these successes?

Purpose, Boundaries, and Resiliency. It’s an honor to be in a space of relevance…… everything I do in life is with purpose and for the hope for others.

Tell us about your new book “Seams of Gold.”

Seams of Gold, is a memoir of overcoming personal challenges and trauma, resonates with people from every walk of life and has opened the door for her to share her message of hope to the masses.

In your book, you talk about overcoming adversity, what advice would give to someone who is currently dealing with challenges in their life and trying to find their purpose?

The first thing I would advise is to allow yourself or give your self-permission to feel any emotion that you want.

Next, forgive yourself!

And embrace your current situation because it’s temporary!!!

Where can people purchase your book?

“Seams of Gold” (Amazon & Barnes and Noble) paperback and ebook

“Unleashing Your Full Potential”(Amazon) paperback workbook.

What is next for you in 2019 and how can readers connect with you online?

What’s next for me is traveling the world speaking, hosting the Resilience Coaching Conference, completing my Doctorates, and completing my worldwide book tour.

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