Fashion designer, Nicole Shante is speaking loud and clear but she’s doing it all through her designs. Shante is the founder of The Nicole Shante brand, a line that is inspired by the determination, strength, and ambition women of color possess. Nicole’s finely crafted pieces for women are the perfect example of ready-to-go, which we all know as empowering women is exactly what we need in our busy everyday lives. Sheen Magazine sat down with Nicole Shante to talk about her brand and its very first runway show!

Can you tell our readers about yourself? When did you know fashion would become such a big part of your life?

My name is Nicole; my brand is Nicole Shante Brand, which is my first and middle name. I am women’s ready to wear designer based in Los Angeles. Honestly, fashion has been apart of my life since I was a little girl. I honestly think the only reason I played with Barbies was because my favorite thing to do was dress her in different clothes. I feel like fashion has been apart of me and something that I’ve wanted to do as far back as I can remember.

Tell us about your NEW project, The Nicole Shante Brand.

We just released Fall/Winter 2018 collection of The Nicole Shante Brand. It’s very fun and super convenient for the Nicole Shante woman. It’s really convenient to mix and match the pieces. A lot of the blazers, for example, have a skirt, a dress, or pants can be worn with many pieces. I really like to design for women like me, like us. You know, women that have a long to do list, that are ambitious, or may have a busy day. I like to make that day comfortable for them as far as fashion. It’s supposed so easy that you can go to work and then happy hour with your girls, whatever it may be. That’s really what the new collection represents. It’s convenience, fun, and easy transition.

How was the brand’s first runway show that happened this past weekend?

My very first runway show just happened! It was really hectic (laughs). We had about 150 people come out. I just wanted to really show the brand and the movement of the pieces. It’s a different vibe when you see photos of clothing because you don’t get a chance to see how they move, we had models from size 0 to 8. I wanted to show how different pieces can be worn in different sizes. That was extremely important for me to do. It was just fun! We had 23 models that I feel made the looks amazing for my first runway show. I learned so much. I have a million notes to take for next time but I definitely will do it again, again, and again! I loved every single moment of it.

Why was it so important for you to create a brand that is inspired by the determination, strength, and ambition women of color possess?

Well honestly, that’s what I know. I grew up around my grandmother, my mother, my aunts and to me, that is what I saw. I saw strong women, I saw women who were determined, focused, and women that simply get the job done. I feel like that’s so inspiring. I’m so inspired by the impact and the growth of women. I want to be apart of this amazing journey and story that women of color are writing. Women of color are the most powerful, most amazing people on the planet and I want my clothes to be worn by these women because I believe they are magical. I love all women but I had to create something that I am familiar with, something that I know and that is women of color.

What can we expect to see from you and your brand in the future?

More content, more shows! I have some more projects coming up with some really amazing people. I’m going to be spending some time in New York to shoot content with some stylists that I love. So, definitely expect to see more content, more shows, and growth of the brand itself. I just want to take the brand to a new level and be a real contender in the fashion industry.

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