What do your jeans say about you? Don’t just zip it up. Show off what you’re made of.

What’s your “jeaniology”? It started with farmers, now it’s mainstream. Jeans are an item in everybody’s closet, drawers, and bedroom floor. They are ripped, slim, cut, and even burned. If you’re not sure which jean type fits you, then this article will get you results.

Ripped and Reckless Rebel

You’re an outsider, but you’re the ultimate insider. You rock out and turn up the music to your own beat. When people see you, they know that you’re not a rebel without a cause. Yes, the ripped jean attire has a lot of responsibility, but it doesn’t require a hard knock life.

Bell Bottom Baby, Apples Not Included

You are always saved by the bell, but you detest the “man.” You go to work and forget about yesterday. You don’t live in a yellow submarine and know when September is coming. You’re a cool person and know that the sky isn’t falling down. The bell-bottom jeans attire makes the world look at you through rose-colored glasses, but they know that you are a disco diva.

Wild Washout Wonder

You have a bohemian lifestyle. You paint with all the colors of the wind and washout from time to time. You’re in a consistent daydream, and love to be locked into your imagination. People look at you and can’t quite put their finger on what you are about. The washout jeans are for people who go with the flow, but dare to be different. They aren’t held up by the “man” and know that people are watching.



Does fashion come naturally? Is it in your jeans? That is up to you.