As a bikini competitor, health & fitness provider, and author, its no surprise Jamie Morrison aka Jai is the definition of goals. The Dallas native gained a love for reading and writing began at an early age and helped her take on life’s challenges. After high school, Jamie joined the military where she became a medical technician. So, to answer the question you probably have in your head, yes, Jamie Morrison does it all. In this exclusive interview with Jamie, she opens up to us about her exciting new book, Boots, Bibs, & Barbells, juggling life and health while being a mother, and gives us insight into what you can expect to see in the future.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Jamie Morrison. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I am the second of four children. At the age of 19, I joined the U.S. Air Force to make a better life for myself and my family. For as long as I have known I’ve always taken care of other people. Luckily, my path led me to healthcare and fitness. Now, I work to bridge the gap between them both for total wellness.

You have been a published author for 16 years, what made you want to write?

Initially, me being the child of a convicted felon sparked my interest in writing. I grew up thinking I was the only child going through my situation and I was too ashamed to reach out for help. It was books like the Colddest Winter Ever by Sista Souljah and Flyy Girl, by Omar Tyree that helped me use my imagination to escape my circumstances. I started writing 16 Years 2 Life to show other young people that they are not alone. I felt as if the justice system fails in providing good support for these children and are more focused on the crime of the parent. My hope is to show those harboring a shameful secret or pain that their beginning does not have to be their ending.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your new book, Boots, Bibs, & Barbells.

Boots, Bibs, & Barbells was dreamt up during physician Assistant school. I was baffled by the number of individuals suffering from diseases caused by overeating, excessive weight gain, and lack of working out. It wasn’t just that they didn’t do it, it was that they didn’t know how to. I had been competing in Bodybuilding competitions for about 3 years by then and I saw the huge gap between healthcare and fitness. It was heartbreaking watching the slow death of individuals from diabetes or other diseases that could have been prevented or improved with lifestyle changes. I decided to then that my passion and path would be to raise awareness of the “Big Three,” diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Especially in the black community because of its high rate of killing. I always say that in order to do better, you have to know better. So I’m spreading knowledge.

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Why are you so passionate to stay fit and healthy in life while juggling life and motherhood?

Staying fit and healthy will allow me to live longer for my children and since I have been living a healthier lifestyle I feel better about myself both mentally and physically. I can remember being a young girl and wanting a certain body shape. I always say that I hate it took me so long to realize I could have had what I wanted from the start. Had I known about weight training, healthy food choices and eating the goodies in moderation I could have saved myself years of being self-conscious. I won’t say that think I’m the most gorgeous woman in the world, but I am finally loving me and the skin I’m in.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I’d say expect to see me pushing forward in my goals to help others learn to change their health around. I also want to reach out to the youth and inspire them to develop self-love and worth. My biggest thing is if you don’t know how to love yourself how can you teach someone else to love you and how can you love someone else. We are having an amazing movement of inspiration within our communities. Expect to see me doing all I can to help make a change.

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