She is an absolute goddess, yes indeed. Jamila Rowser is a writer who has quickly become a hit sensation on and off social media. Jamila is set to release a new comic book, entitled, Wash Day which pays tribute to the true essence and beauty of black women and their hair. Jamila has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Wash Day TODAY! The second we laid eyes on Jamila Rowser, we instantly knew she had to be apart of Sheen. Join us as we got to know Jamila Rowser and the impeccable impact she has made on women around the world.

What influenced you to write comics?

It took me a while for me to get the confidence to write comics. I didn’t think I would be any good and that I didn’t belong in “that” world. But, as a fan of comics, my deep desire to read stories that featured women who look like me helped me get over that self-doubt. Instead of wishing and waiting for someone else to write the stories I wanted to read, I decided to write it myself.

Can you tell us about the Kickstarter campaign and the release of your comic book, Wash Day?

I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign for my debut comic book, Wash Day. The campaign will run from April 3rd – May 4th.

Wash Day is a slice-of-life story that pays tribute to the beauty and endurance of black women and their hair. The 27-page comic is illustrated by Robyn Smith, with script edits by J.A. Micheline. The story follows Kimana, a 26-year- old woman living in the Bronx, as she cares for her long, thick hair. As Kim goes through her Sunday morning rituals, we experience the highs and lows of her day—fresh coffee, rising rent, girl talk and catcalls.

My own wash day ritual inspired me to write this comic. Caring for black hair, especially on wash day, requires a lot of time and attention. So, I wrote this story so that other black women would be able to see themselves in it, even if they have different wash day rituals. I also hope that it can appeal to women of color who have never read comics before. Comics are for everyone and are much more than superheroes. It’s my goal to be an entry comic to a lot of people who thought that comics weren’t for them.

When did you know that this was the path you were supposed to take in life?

I never really had a realization that I needed to take a specific path, I’ve always tried to let my passions guide me in life and did what made me happy. Even if was a “side project” I did in my spare time. Whether it meant starting my previous blog Girl Gone Geek to talk about the stuff I loved, or start an international meetup group for geek women so we had as safe space to network and bond. It sounds super corny, but I try to follow my heart.

You’re the founder of Straight Outta Gotham, could you tell us about the project?

Straight Outta Gotham is a geek x hip-hop culture project that showcases the links between hip-hop and geek culture. I started it a few years ago as a simple and fun Tumblr blog. Later, Jemar Souza joined as my partner and we were able grow into writing articles and throwing events. We’re really passionate about both subcultures and hope that Straight Outta Gotham can be a brand for the otaku hip-hop heads where they express themselves and connect with each other.

What can we expect from Jamila Rowser this year?

I’m really looking forward to debuting Wash Day and selling it online and at conventions. I’m also planning to release another comic that I’m currently working on behind the scenes by the end of the summer.

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