Media maven, Jasmine Sanders is a woman who’s powerful voice has taken over the world of radio and comedy. What most people don’t know is that Sanders was a former foster child and adoptee. With her experience, it inspired her to partner with Youth Villages and use her platform to bring awareness to foster care. We caught up with Sanders to discuss why it all means so much to her, the recent release of her podcast, “Brunch Therapy with Jasmine Sanders,” and future projects.

May was National Foster Care month and in honor of it, you partnered with Youth Villages. Tell us a little bit about that.

Well, Youth Villages is an organization that I have been working with for quite some time. They have campuses all across the country, they work on trying to reunite foster kids with their parents, but they also work on placement in terms of adoption. I admire them so much. Every opportunity that I get to help them, I make sure that I do. I try to use my platform to speak on behalf of those who don’t have the same voice as I do to bring awareness to more than 400,000 children. Unfortunately, we think about them generally once a month out of the year.

What inspired you to get involved and use your platform to bring awareness to foster care?

I was a foster kid myself. I was fortunate enough to come out of the system when I was about 4 ½ years old. I think for most kids who are in that situation, it never leaves you. You always remember. For me, it was from birth to 4 ½ years so I always remember how lucky I am and I always wonder what would have happened to me if I had not been fortunate enough to get a loving home. I have an opportunity to speak on it, I will. I was quite surprised at the number of people in my circle, even! When I went to college and post-college, I knew and met a lot of people who knew so little about the foster care system. It was always something we saw in movies or something you flipped past in a magazine that really didn’t seem to ring true.

I realized the power and voice in spreading that word. As soon as I got into radio, I began using that platform to create awareness and I try to do it as much as I can.

I would just like to remind people to not just think about foster children in May. Think about them all year around! When May is over and the spotlight turns to another issue, children still need love, attention, care, and most of all homes. I would like for people to try to educate themselves on the foster care system and how they can actively get involved. 

Do you mind telling us how you got into the podcast world? What can listeners expect when tuning into your new podcast. “Brunch Therapy with Jasmine Sanders”?

Of course! The show that I do every day is a nationally syndicated radio show, available in 68 markets across the country. I am a co-host who is a very opinionated and loud comedian (laughs). When I was approached to do a podcast, I jumped at the opportunity to do it because it reminded me of the days when I first started radio and it was just I. I got to use my own voice, talk about the issues that were important to not just me but also to women. I wanted to be able to be my authentic self (not that I’m not authentic on the radio) but anyone that has been a co-host understands what your position is. You help navigate but you’re not the conductor. You’re there to facilitate for someone else, I understand that I have no problem with it, but I’m also a conductor of my own! The podcast gave me a great platform to do that. I’m excited to continue to do it. I do it once a week and it’s available on iTunes and Google Play. If you can imagine a Sunday or Saturday brunch with your girlfriends and after about two glasses of champagne, you let your hair down, and you’re not just talking about your problems but you’re talking about your life; the good and the bad. That’s pretty much what the podcast is, it gives women a form to just be yourself and be the free, liberated woman that you are.

What can we expect to see from Jasmine Sanders in the future?

Take over the world girl! (laughs) I have a lot of things that I am working on right now that I’m super excited about. I’m working on a book at the moment, I can’t really say a lot about it but I’m working on a book to help encourage young women to continue to speak out and be unapologetically great. I’m hoping to get more into the television side of things outside of the television show that I currently do with D. L. Hughley. I’m looking forward to doing some television on my own and maybe doing some movie appearances. I want to just live my best life and try to convince people to do the same!

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Featured Image by Acilegna Santos | provided by JL Media PR