Beautiful music is often made when we least expect it. For Jason Nelson, his was curated when simply taking away the worldly distractions and centering himself.  In an exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, Jason shares the gems he used to create his masterpiece and so much more!

When beginning to curate, “The Answer”, what space were you in mentally, physically, and spiritually?

Physically, I’m not sure. I’m not sure where I was physically, hopefully I was in the gym somewhere at that particular point. (Laughs) From a spiritual perspective, I was kind of open and allowing the Lord to show me what He wanted me to sing about in the season that I was in. What was very unusual for me was that generally when I start working on a record, I know what direction the album is going in, in this particular regard I was not sure exactly what we were talking about yet. I was just writing. When we looked at the narrative of all the songs and kind of the thread that was woven between each song, the pattern of solutions and answers to questions, so we called the record, “The Answer”.

Can tell us how your wife, Tonya, inspired your hit song, “Forever“.

Absolutely, I was in a writing session; I was writing a song that’s on the record called “Stripes” with my writing partner/producer, Dana Soréy, and my wife interrupted us. We just got finished and we were singing the song again and my wife walked into the kitchen with Dana’s wife and asked what we were doing, teasing us a bit. We told her we were writing a song and she started singing, “Forever’s a long time, that’s how long I’ll love you” and she was singing it over and over again. Dana and I looked at each other and thought, “this is a song and it may be a good one”, so we took that framework and determined that it would be the hook of the song. We built the rest of the song around the hook that she sang to us and probably in about six or seven minutes we had the whole song written. 

That song would not exist if she hadn’t interrupted us with that idea that she had. 

How has been taking on the role as producer?

I haven’t had to produce myself for a couple of records so Dana and I did “Shift in the Atmosphere” together and I let him, because of the stresses attached to it, do “Jesus Revealed” and I was good with it. Some of the songs I was writing,  I heard it in my own head and not how Dana would have heard it necessarily interpreted it as a writing partner. I was able to go into the studio, like the song, “All of Me”, I produced it. It was a weird space but I enjoyed it, it was cathartic as a songwriter to be able to make what I was hearing in my head come to reality so that somebody else could hear it as well. It was an interesting situation but I really enjoyed getting back into the producer seat again.

What do you hope your future holds?

Wow, that’s a really broad question (Laughs) but I think that’s a good thing. I really hope this record gets the kind of saturation that I believe it will because I really believe it’s a sound for this hour and for this season that we’re in politically and culturally. It has the potential to help a lot of people. Other than that, I hope this record garners some accolades of some success. I hope that that’s the case. We don’t write and do music for the sake of trying to win a Stellar Award or Grammy or anything like that but I do believe it’s worthy of those spaces. While it’s good to be recognized there’s also another platform that you’re able to stand on and a broader scope of people pay attention to what you do. I’m praying that that’s the case.

Photo Credit: Christian Lantry

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