Jaylen Barron talks about what it’s like to become an entertainment industry first!

Jaylen Barron is an amazing actress who has made history by becoming the first American woman of color to star in a hit Netflix children’s original series – Free Rein. In an exclusive interview, we had the opportunity to learn more about her acting life and the favorite things she does when not pursuing her dreams.

When did you discover your love for acting?

I didn’t know exactly when it was, but when I was very young. I would pretend to be other people and put on shows for my family. In elementary school, I also acted in a lot of plays and did at home fashion shows with my cousins.

Tell me little bit about Free Rein and what it’s like playing Zoe.

I was about to go on vacation the week of the audition and my manager was like, “No Jaylen,” The role wasn’t actually written for someone who looks like me. They were originally looking for blonde hair and blue eyes./ She finally convinced me to go, and so I memorized my lines and booked it.

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