In order to highlight women empowerment, JustFab has just launched their new campaign, ‘Jeaniuses.’ The campaign spotlights five women: Claire Wasserman, co-founder of Ladies Get Paid, Betty LaMarr, founder and CEO of EmpowHer, Hanna Lim, founder of LollaLand, engineer and entrepreneur, Noramay Cadena of MakeInLA, and Martie Hasleton, PhD. In the official press release, JustFab states, “‘Jeaniuses’ offers these pioneers a platform to encourage fellow females to break the barriers of equal pay, challenge traditional roles and establish equally successful and lucrative careers for themselves.” Join in as the Brand President of JustFab, Traci Inglass discusses the power of the campaign and why now is the perfect time to introduce it.

First off, tell us about JustFab. What inspired the creation of this beloved brand?

JustFab is a fast fashion e-commerce retailer and lifestyle brand, part of the TechStyle Fashion Group. We started in 2010 as a way to give women a personalized shopping experience that was affordable and accessible. Our fashion consultants provide them with styling tips and trends, how to wear it, etc. We aim to give our (now millions) of members the celebrity treatment in terms of shopping, offering high-quality fashion pieces – new styles roll out each month – at a price they can afford.

Can you give us insight into the NEW campaign, ‘Jeaniuses’?

Jeaniuses is about empowering women and celebrating their achievements. We’re kicking off a new dialogue this denim season so that we’re talking about a woman’s “genius” rather than her jeans. We’re using Jeaniuses as a way to share the inspiring stories of each of our participants with our JustFab members, the ones who inspire us and the styles and experiences we create for them every day.

Why was it so important for the brand to create this platform to help empower women?

So much of what we hear today is about what females are wearing, not what they’re doing. We know that JustFab has a platform that reaches millions of women across the country, so Jeaniuses is our way of using our means to make a shift in the dialogue of mainstream denim season and often fashion in general.

Tell about the women spotlighted in the ‘Jeaniuses’ campaign.

The ladies we chose for this campaign are excelling in fields that are typically male-dominated, such as science and tech and engineering. We have an entrepreneur, a world-leading researcher on ovulatory cycles and founders & CEOs. Our Jeaniuses are pioneers in encouraging females to close the pay gap, challenge traditional roles and be the best, most successful versions of themselves.

What can we expect to see from JustFab in the future?

We have an exciting partnership lined up for fall as we head into our boot season! We’ll be announcing that soon.

For more information on Jeaniuses and JustFab, click here!

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