“Dedicating the color pop collection to PRIDE month and the LGTBQ community was just necessary, no question about it. Although it is being more accepted in the world and society, there’s still a lot of hatred and controversy over the gay community just like racism. But once I heard about Nigel Shelby, 15-year-old kid that committed suicide after homophonic bullying I was heartbroken. After that, I wanted to support the community in a way that I was passionate about, and I did it through the color pop collection.”

Words from fashion designer Jessica Rich. The designer has been known to create and design spectacular shoes for every type of woman. Today, Rich announced that she will honor Pride month with the Color Pop Love Collection. The collection will feature three new Color Pop stilettos.

Rich, is an advocate and huge supporter of the LGBTQ community. She thought the release of this collection would be a perfect fit for this month. The colors of each stiletto reflect the diversity of the LGBTQ community just like the flag. The designer continues with her success from last year “consisting of five solid colors transparent PVC. They were a major hit ! I already knew I was going to do it again this year but in a different way. The process took about 2 months and required me to first figure out which design I wanted to do, and once I figured that out I had to decide how many colors I wanted to release.”

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All images courtesy of Jessica Rich