Chapman Foundation and Sheen Magazine will be Celebrating Life, Survival & Purpose at our Annual PYNKALYCIOUS Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.

This event is designed to raise funds for breast cancer survivors and research to benefit the Pearlie Harris Center for Breast Health at St. Francis Hospital (Greenville, SC) and the Little Red Door Cancer Agency (Indianapolis, IN) The day celebration invites every community to participate in this momentous experience. There will be excellent entertainment, amazing giveaways, delicious treats and other surprises.

We strongly believe that early detection is the most effective means of fighting breast cancer and we are dedicated to getting this message out. We continue to hold strong to our mission to bring awareness to this disease that has taken the lives of many of our loved ones. On this special day, we celebrate a mission of “Everything Pink” and raise awareness with an event full of transformation, purpose, and style.

This year the PYNKALYCIOUS breast cancer awareness event has decided to forgo the balloon release ceremony. The reason for this decision involves the ecological impact in which balloons have on the environment. Although latex balloons are biodegradable, the amount of time needed for a balloon to fully degrade still poses a risk for wildlife, especially marine life, not to mention sullying the natural beauty of the Earth. As an alternative, bubbles will be used, retaining the community spirit, exhibited in the simultaneous balloon release, which PYNKALYCIOUS strives to encourage.