Today’s Sheen Magazine “Beauty of Giving” spotlight is actor, Julian Brittano. Ladies all over the world fell in love with Julian during his role as, David on OWN’s Greenleaf , so of course leave it to SHEEN must salute Julian. Recently, Sheen Magazine sat down with the actor to find out what is his beauty of giving.

Why is it important to use your platform to impact the lives of others in a positive manner?

      I feel that my platform was prepared for me with thought and interest in mind, so I feel like paying it forward is showing gratitude in itself. So the thought is, If I apply my network resources from my platform it creates opportunities for others to also benefit from. All most people need is an opportunity or a foot in the door without the unnecessary logistics.

What is your way of giving back during the holiday season or throughout the year?

I look to identify the needs of others. So most of the time people, groups and organizations have fundraising events throughout the year especially around holiday season, so I attend as a special guest or speaker. The time shared usually is beneficial for multiple parties involved. So if I can be a contributor, I usually take the moments.

What message do you hope to convey through your way of giving?

 I am in hopes that as people watch and see me offering time and service to the social initiatives that I involve myself with, they become moved and motivated to do likewise in their respective communities. 

Thank you, Julian Brittano. SHEEN salutes you today for your efforts and willingness to give back. Be sure to check us out tomorrow, at 10am to see our next influencer spotlight. 

Featured Image by Sheen Magazine