At an early age beauty became a factor within Kay Brown’s life. She began to figure out how to love her skin and wanted to empower others to do the same. Now, as a licensed esthetician, there is no stopping Kay and her journey to give everyone healthy and glowing skincare.  Keep on reading to find out how the gems of KC Beauty Bar can help you today!

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How did you get to this place in your life?

I remember a day in my childhood, flipping through mail while my mom was working, Jet Magazine beauty of the week caught my eye. She had a beautiful brown complexion and golden curls – she was a Fitzpatrick 5 – the moment was the first time I felt myself falling in love with society’s beauty standards. The older I grew, the more I found comfort in cosmetic products, but I still was coming to terms with my own beauty.

Learning to love my skin came slowly, because I was always the darkest girl in my friend group. In high school after the boy I liked told me he only liked light skin girls and I was too dark for him, I felt hurt. I didn’t take care for my skin, I bought any products I thought would help lighten my skin.

My face was dry, damaged, and bumpy. Eventually I realized what I was doing to my skin and knew I had to make a change. I learned to love myself and my skin and wanted to become an esthetician, so that I could help others learn to love their skin too. I attended Southeastern Esthetics and graduated August of 2018. I started my own business called KC BeautyBar with my business partner Chelsi Foster in Salon Connections. The response we’ve received is incredible.

How has learning the health of skin allowed you to help others?

During my time at school, and along with my hands on experience, I learned to treat skin in a way that’s not only relaxing but beneficial. Having knowledge about different skin types and skin tones plays a huge part in helping my clients get the results that they want and need.

Available Services: 

What services do you provide that will allow customers to maintain healthy skin?

We offer facials customized to their skin type and tone, as well as treatment packages and written up plans, along with product knowledge for their at home skin care routine.

What would you say to the person constantly struggling with breakouts or skin sensitivities?

Be patient. Skin care is a lifestyle change, just like trying to lose weight. It takes time and effort to acquire the proper knowledge, products, and treatments. As soon as you have all three of those things you will see amazing results, but definitely consult with an esthetician so you can get a skin care treatment plan written up.

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