Last weekend, Atlanta and surrounding area youth made their way to Jonesboro, Georgia for Save a Soul 365’s KIDS ON THE RISE Youth Entrepreneurship Extravaganza! — Such an amazing time for parents to support their children and their business ideas and talents.

Every vendor in the building was under 18, along with the performers, food servers, as well as the door host. The expressions on these children’s faces and the determination in their spirits were just priceless, and if you were an adult in the building it most definitely gave you an extra boost of motivation and inspiration.

The newer generations today seem much more eager to build empires off of their natural gifts and creative ideas, which is bold and courageous, to say the least! Considering the more traditional career paths that were instilled and encouraged in previous generations, these children prove to be more and more innovative as humanity progresses.

Save a Soul 365 is a non-profit organization aimed at educating, supporting and equipping the youth to be stronger and more effective leaders amongst their peers and within their communities. Founder Ruth Taylor says their mission is to offer these children and teens a safe and trustworthy outlet for free mentorship, training, and guidance in being the best that they can be while being attentive to their individual struggles and challenges.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Extravaganza planned and coordinated by Tequia “The Party Guru” Lester of IAAYB Events, was a huge hit and served their mission well — featuring child musicians and performers, jewelry makers, business owners of homemade ice creams and popcorn! There were kid fashion designers, models and kid CEOs of Product companies that offer things like slime, bath bombs, handbags, non-toxic nail polish, and more!

Children and Kidpreneurs were able to participate in a red carpet experience (with their own logos displayed on the backdrop), prize raffles and live interactions with customers and other kid business owners. They orchestrated sales and processed payment transactions, along with taking lots of photos for marketing and more!

It was our pleasure to be in attendance and we were proud to support this positive and enlightening movement for the youth!


All images by Brad Hightower