Does Kim Fields really need an introduction? Absolutely not, she’s an actress and director that has certainly left her mark on the world of entertainment. She’s best known for many of her iconic roles but who could forget her holiday film projects? This holiday season is no different for Fields because she’s blessing us with yet another holiday project and we couldn’t be more excited. We caught up with the icon to discuss all the details on her exciting new Lifetime film, You Light Up My Christmas and much more!

Tell us about your role in Lifetime’s holiday film, You Light Up My Christmas.

My character Emma Simmons is heir-parent to a Christmas light factory that has been struggling, which has been causing struggle in the small town that she’s from. She returns home after her father has passed to sell the family home with sort of a detachment until she sees the light in her town has started to dim. She takes it upon herself to try to restore and inner light of the town brighter. Of course because its a Christmas movie, you have to have a love story at the core! She also rediscovers and rekindles a romance with her ex, Ben.

What can viewers expect to see?

This movie checks all the boxes that everyone has for Christmas movies and so much more! It gives you all the holiday feels but in a strong and bold manner. The story line is strong. You know what to expect but you don’t know expect it to unfold in certain ways. There are surprises, special appearances, the love story between Ben and Emma is so incredible, solid, and the chemistry between them is so powerful. You laugh, you cry, you have all the feels of an amazing Christmas movie. The takeaway that I think will surprise people is that you get reminded of inner light. Not only do you get reminded of your own inner light but you also get reminded that it’s okay to share your light with others.

How would you say this project is different from the previous holiday projects we’ve seen you in?

Well first of all honey, I’m the leading lady! (Laughs). That’s definitely different, I’m the “It-Girl,” numero uno (laughs). All the connections lead back to Emma. Being at the core of this story is certainly different from all the roles that I’ve portrayed previously. I’ve been one of the connections before whereas with Emma, I am the connection.

Sheen Magazine is The Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman, do you mind sharing your holy grail beauty product?

We actually did a digital short film called Designing Emma. It’s all about Emma’s beauty and fashion for the movie. It gives everyone a real all-access pass to how Emma was created from the standpoint of her hair, her makeup, and her wardrobe. 

In terms of my beauty products, I work with a company out of St. Lucia  in the Caribbean and we are teaming up so that this Christmas we can provide products to the rest of the world. They’re all natural, organic, and a wonderful line that I’m working with that we’re calling Refresh. That’s all I can tell you for now (laughs).

Are there any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Well, I’ll certainly be promoting Emma, Ben and Emma, and You Light Up My Christmas. There is a new project that we just closed a deal on yesterday which I’ll be able to share more later on. There is also a documentary in the works about the unknown, unsung female heroes from the Civil Rights movement!

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All images by Brendan George Ko