Kimberly Knight, a native of Mobile, Alabama ended the month of May with the “Love Yourself Women’s Conference,” in Mobile, Alabama by teaching women the importance of loving yourself towards a healthy place, mentally and physically. The event was held in honor of National Women Wellness Month, while in attendance I was truly impressed by the transparency presented by the amazing women who shared their life stories on the panel. Speakers from the panel included Leola Chaney, Ramonica Gamble, Ashley Loveless, Jasmine McBride, Ayla Goodson, Jennifer Jones, and Kimberly Knight.

The keynote speaker for the event was Shavone Riggins who is the innovator and founder of Curlkalon Hair.

The Conference attracted women who have made significant wellness decisions for themselves. Attendees came from a broad spectrum of ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds with an interest in learning to take care of themselves mentally and physically.

Lush Consulting Firm, founded by Kimberly Knight, organized this event to focus on promoting self-care awareness and encouraging women to assume responsibility for their well-being. Proceeds from the event were donated to support the on-going educational services offered by the Penelope House, Inc. This year the Penelope House, Inc. will celebrate 40 years of providing safety, protection, and support to victims of Domestic Violence and their children through the provision shelter, advocacy, and individual and community education.

Created to fill a regional need, the Love Yourself Healthy Women’s Conference will continue annually to educate women about their lifestyles and how to make themselves happy and healthier.

There were a host of amazing vendors at this event, which included, Noir Gold, Herbalife, Glam Squad Cosmetics, Paparazzi Jewelry, Body By JB&B, Rebirth Body Shapers, local author’s Carla S. Pennington, Jill Hunter, MUA Nikki Thomas and even live performances by De’Edra Williams Brown, Jamie Mitchell Sanderson, and music by D.J. Loot of 107.3.

There are times that when we think of health for women, we are looking only at the dieting and exercising, however, being healthy is not just about your physical state. We as women have to take care of our mental daily because it plays a major part in our health. If you are not taking time out for yourself to meditate and “kill the noise” as keynote speaker Shavone Riggins stated, then you can create a very unhealthy place from within that will affect the way you make decisions for your life.

What inspired you to start Love Yourself Healthy Women’s Conference?

The inspiration of the Love Yourself Healthy Women’s Conference was God-given. Just thinking back over my goals while meeting with my GoalFriends, a women’s conference was not on my list. God sees and knows all, and he knew who to give this assignment to. As this came about, of course, I noticed things that go on right here in our city. Women are losing their lives to domestic violence, committing suicide, women blatantly disrespecting other women and themselves; just women not living healthy lives mentally or physically. So, I organized this event to focus on a local need, promoting self-care awareness, and encouraging women to assume responsibility for their wellbeing.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you notice amongst African American Women when it comes to our health?

Two biggest mistakes without a doubt are not watching what we eat and exercise. It’s not about the health side of things for our generation; it’s about how we look. When you have women risking their lives, running to another country to have cosmetic surgery to look a certain way that says a whole lot about how we feel about ourselves, some of those women go and never make it back alive.

What upcoming events do you have planned for June?

I am currently working on Mobchella Summer Fest along with iHeart The Beat Gulf Coast’s DJ Loot founder of Doe Lyfe Entertainment, and Day 6 Entertainment Group’s, Walter Jones, which will take place the last week of July rolling into the first week of August.

The Gulf Coast Mobchella Summer Fest is the Port City’s inaugural health, love, and music promotion event in honor of Childhood Health and Obesity Awareness. It will take place here in Mobile, July 29th-August 3rd. The purpose of this festival is to drive music lovers to support and promote Childhood Health.

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All images by Starrdom100 Media and Lush Consulting Firm