Kimmie Awards 2018 has officially kicked off and what better way to start off our empowerment sessions than to open the floor with an open panel discussion entitled, Let’s Talk About Hair hosted by our very own Beauty Editor, Cynthia Meadows!

The panel consisted of award-winning hairstylist and educator, Joscynthia Mason, beauty expert and award-winning hairstylist, Sherita Cherry, Nairobi Ambassador Tina Gattison, and author and Nouritress CEO and President Deshawn Bullard.

Check out some of the action below!

Tina Gattison

CREDIT: Alston Media Group

Sherita Cherry


Cynthia Meadows

CREDIT: Alston Media Group

 Joscynthia Mason and Cynthia Meadows

Joscynthia Mason

Sherita Cherry, Tina Gattison, and Deshawn Bullard

President and CEO of Nouritress discusses everything hair during the panel

Tina Gattison, Joscynthia Mason, Deshawn Bullard, Sherita Cherry, and Cynthia Meadows

Get to know these women are they discuss their passion for hair, their favorite trends for the season, how they’ve evolved in an ever-changing industry, and many more topics during our weekend celebration of women empowerment and beauty by heading back to Sheen Magazine for the official video recap!


Images by: DVI photography