She’s been called to make it happen—nothing is off limits!

Times have changed, and the only king that I’ve acknowledged— “King” LeBron James has now been accompanied by “King Mali Magic”. She’s more than a makeup artist. She’s a game changer, culture shifter, visionary and perhaps, soul snatcher. And, it wasn’t too far into our conversation that “King Mali Magic” started sprinkling gems of beauty and wisdom that were enough to suffice a treasure chest.

There’s no other way to put it—she’s the quintessential Beauty Educator that the beauty industry desperately needs—the world needs. Although the beauty industry has made great strides, creating shades that are a true match to women of color skin tones, King Mali Magic believes that there is still more to be done and that she is the gateway to its mystery. Yes— I am confirming that there is something magical for us in-the-works! Being the creator of the #DewyBrownGirl project, a fierce movement that pushes brown girls, of all shades and skin textures to embrace their luminous skin, unapologetically, King Mali Magic has emerged into a relentless beauty activist for women of color.

You would think that with 140K Instagram followers, an overflow of comments and DM’s, King Mali Magic wouldn’t dare have the time to chat with her “Insta-babies,” as she calls them, but I am here to tell you that no comment, no direct message, goes unnoticed. In fact, she’s like the homegirl from next door, but she’s too modest to claim that moniker. She doesn’t mind propelling other women to bask in their magic, as she does, literally—somehow, we found ourselves reveling in this beautiful space of casting compliments and celebrating each other’s wins.

Swipe through her Instagram to check out her latest collaborations, #DewyBrownGirls and her praiseworthy work seen on the muses of Nicki MinajChimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Justine Skye and more!

Heather Hazzan | CREDIT

Let’s start off with your Instagram name, “King Mali Magic.” How long did it take you to come up with the name and what was the inspiration behind it? It’s catchy!

I would definitely say my name came from a very special place. My journey wasn’t always magical. I’ve had some ups and downs but my name is inspired by my strength, my magic and my ability to make people feel really good about themselves—you know, inside and out. It’s just a part of my magic that I get to share with the world.

I can see that you are really big on skin prep. Why is this process so important?

I think that skin prep is exactly that. It’s prepping the skin for what’s to come. For me, it’s the most important part of my application because it connects the “complexion products” to the skin. I’m able to create a luminous dewy finish on any skin type. I’m telling you skin prep is everything!

Is there an application process that you enjoy the most?

I would definitely say skin prep (chuckles) that’s my time to relax the model or the client – I’m able to do a facial message & examine the skin. Anything to do with skin and the overall complexion is definitely my favorite. I pride myself on making the skin look natural and beautiful!

You’re the creator of the #DewyBrownGirls movement. What inspired you to start this? 

I would see this luminous dewy finish on celebs walking the red carpet. Everyone looked soft, regal and gorgeous! But, I rarely saw it with everyday women of color. Either we weren’t doing much at all, or we were kind of doing way too much. So, I decided to basically share these techniques with my followers and everyday WOC. Some of us feel this look is unachievable because it’s very sheer & dewy. We struggle with hyper-pigmentation, discoloration & oily skin so we feel this dewy technique isn’t achievable or long lasting. But, I’ve figured out a clever way to create this finish on all skin types. I think it’s so beautiful and timeless! 

Courtesy of Instagram

Do you mind sharing how we can achieve the luminous dewy look?

Absolutely!  I share everything because I really want to help people achieve these looks! Firstly, when it comes down to dewy luminous skin, you must use a good exfoliator. I love the daily “Microfoliant” by Dermalogica. I exfoliate the face first to make sure that everything is silky smooth. Also, I love oils! Tulura has a “Botanical Facial Oil” that’s really amazing — I like to press that into the skin. Another product I also love, this ties into skin prep, is Charlotte “Tilbury Magic Cream”. The luminosity from those products + foundation is pure magic!

(Chuckles) “You know what it is?” King Mali Magic says in excitement. I am absolutely passionate and fascinated about this whole thing! I stay up at night studying & practicing. I want to bring back a fresh timeless look to WOC. I study old looks from the 60s & 70s and I’m blown away. The looks were amazing! We’re caught up in the way everyone else looks when we were the ones setting “trends” by being unapologetically ourselves. 


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Photo Credit: Maya Guez