Being a writer is not an easy job. Being commissioned to be the author of someone’s life story and situations can not only be an intimidating position but a rewarding one as well. With the spark of women voicing their positions on the #MeToo movement, women everywhere are looking for an outlet to speak their truth. Whether they are going on podcasts, on the internet or making appearances on national tv, the time has never been greater to be set free from daunting life situations. For Ashley King, walking in her calling was the best way to follow in her purpose and be healed from her past. She says; “I’m giving voices to the ones that may have been silenced. Suffering through bouts of depression, suicide, and abuse can leave someone to feel that it’s all their fault. But it’s time to place the blame, where it belongs and release yourself from the strongholds.”

Growing up Ashley endured her own struggles with being molested and raped. Ashley kept quiet about the abuse that she endured for fear of instability for her family. Like most women, King went through the abuse alone and in silence. Holding on to the hurt and pain lead King down an angry road until healing became her focus. She says; “I wanted healing because I was an angry person, over time I had calmed down, but I still had it inside of me.  A message that I was set to preach during a Mother’s Day event called; Pearls of Wisdom and really having a relationship with your mom and other woman triggered something inside of me and I said to myself; How can I give this word and I’m not fully healed with having a relationship with my mom?” Watching her mother go through domestic violence temporarily scared her but healing saved her.

King serves as an Editor and Ghostwriter for women who want to tell their story and help other women get to a place of restoration. An author herself, King who was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga found solace in writing. She published and wrote her first book; The S Factor: The guide to being Single, Satisfied and Saved, in 2010. This book served as a guide to help women who are single grow into virtuous women of Christ. She says: “Single women have it hard. There are many temptations that come and sometimes it’s hard to keep your mind focused on your goals and what you need to do to get to do to find your true self. This book was written for women to discover their strength, talents, skills, and strategies.” Since the first book, King has since penned 2 additional books along with creating a series of d.i.y. and do it for your services to help new authors get a clear direction with guidance; her clothing line, 1st Kings Apparel, Fashion that stands for Christ and her Live by Faith Brand (™). Ashley believes in the community and empowering women together. Her non-profit organization C.L.A.S.S.I.C (Christian Ladies Altogether Standing Against Social Injustice Corporation) was created as an outreach outlet to empower the community through family. Effective change is what Queens are all about.

Being that you, yourself witnessed and lived in a domestic violence situation while growing up, what toll did that take on you being a teenager and what advice do you have for young women going through it now?

Watching my mother go through domestic violence is a soft spot for me. We were moving around to different apartments and I would have to attend new schools all the time. We were financially unstable, and when we finally got stable, I was afraid that if I spoke up, we would end up homeless. So, I became that angry teenager, and no one knew why but because I wanted the stability, I kept quiet. I finally told my mom when I was 25 years old. For me I thought I had moved on, put it behind me and when I received an invitation to preach during a Mother’s Day event, it didn’t sit right with me that I was holding on to all of this. It was time to finally tell her all the stuff that had happened to me. I say to those who are in that situation don’t be silent. Run and speak up. Being angry doesn’t serve any purpose and living in anger won’t lead to happiness. Staying in those situations could lead to something worse.

How were you able to be healed from the pain?

I had to forgive. I had to forgive everyone who hurt me. I couldn’t walk into my purpose without healing and forgiveness. I had to let go of the anger and speak about what happened to me. In my junior year of college, I broke down and read a letter to my mom about how I felt she didn’t love us (myself and my siblings). My mom wasn’t a big person to say I love you and she wasn’t an affectionate person. But this was how she also grew up and I couldn’t hold it against her. Opening up to my mom and finally letting her know what took place and why I was so angry allowed us to reconcile and grow closer.

Is being a ghostwriter and editor a form of ministry for you?

Yes. All the authors that I have worked with and currently work with have all had to take a pause from the process. I don’t consider myself the minister that preaches over the pulpit but I’m the one that will pray with my clients because I understand what it is like to have to relive those moments. You really have to take a pause because you are being vulnerable, sharing yourself and personal issues with the world. My very first book as I published it, I didn’t do any marketing about the book for three years because I was too afraid of what people would think about me. I can relate to people who are afraid to publish their book because of what their family will think because I have been there and done that. I’ve actually created a journal to help young girls and women deal with life traumatic situations. It’s entitled, Polish Your Crown. Since publishing this journal I have created an annual conference entitled ‘Polish Your Crown’. It’s a place where self-development meets God’s purpose for your life. It’s not just an empowerment conference. It’s transformational. The conference takes place on April 6, 2019 in Stone Mountain, GA and for women interested in attending, they can do so at Virtual seats are available as well.

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