Sheen Magazine recently had the opportunity of a lifetime to catch up with some of the most memorable models who recently walked in the icon LA Fashion Week. Bring your lipstick and confidence as we dig deeper with one of Best Talent Group premier models for Paris Fashion Week. Meet Lauren Kim!

How did you get into modeling? 

Well, I always knew that I wanted to be a part of this industry ever since I could remember. The story that starts this all is when I was just shopping at the mall, and someone pulled me to the side and had me fill out paperwork. She then contacted me later for an audition. I got picked, and then I learned the basics of modeling and acting from Barbizon. I learned for about a year. Then I was also picked for something called Showcase that helped you get into an agency or management. This is where I met a friend who introduced me to the Best Talent Group. I used to be the biggest fan of acting, but after Best Talent, I found my genuine love for modeling as well.

Besides beauty, what else do you need to be a professional model?

I actually think that beauty isn’t a major factor in modeling. I believe that inner beauty is more important because as a model you need to meet designers, agents, and people in general. Inner beauty defines you as a person, not anything materialistic. Without a personality, you can’t make good relationships. Everyone’s probably waiting for me to say that you need to be tall, but here I am to prove that this bias is wrong. You don’t always have to be tall, pretty, and perfect; just be confident! Another big factor is your walk! You need to be able to sell the outfit; this isn’t a problem for me because I personally love fashion. 

Top designer is George and Ginger bottom Designer is Will Franco

What do you plan to bring to the fashion industry, what makes you unique?

As I said before, I’m not the tallest person out there. I’m 5’3, but what makes me even more unique is that I’m Asian and I’m proud of that! I want to represent all my Asian people out there, my shorter people, and even smart people. Because there’s a belief that people who get all A’s can’t be a model, or can’t be in this industry because you can only do one or another. In my case, I want to represent all the smart people too, because I keep all my A’s while being successful in what I want to do. I want to help people realize that they’re perfect just the way they are, and they don’t need to try to be the tallest, the prettiest, they don’t need to starve themselves because they are more than enough just the way they are. I want everyone to start loving themselves because everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way! 

Walking in New York Fashion Week, describe what type of preparation goes into such a huge moment of your career.

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into each fashion week. Such as packing clothes, getting your flight, having everything ready, one of the biggest things you can do is bring outfits that you’re confident in because that really boosts your confidence. Although these are great I think it’s most important to be ready to give them what they want. This is where all your training comes into play. Just give it your best, show confidence, be the best version of yourself. Lastly, but most importantly have fun, and be ready to make new relationships! 



All images by PixbyGG