The Man in 3B hit theaters Friday and with a cast full of gifted actors, it is sure to be a box office hit. The suspenseful, mystery thriller starring Lamman Rucker is based on the New York Times best seller book written by Carl Weber. The film’s all-star cast includes Christian Keyes, Brely Evans, Anthony Montgomery, Robert Ri’chard, DB Woodside, Kellita Smith, James Black, Olivia Longott, Trisha Mann, with Jackee Harry, Marla Gibbs and the legendary Billy Dee Williams.

Darryl Graham (played by Lamman Rucker) is a handsome and charismatic brother who has just moved into a Jamaica, Queens residential building in apartment 3B. Darryl, as Rucker puts it is, “The guy that all the guys want to be and all the women want to be with.” He quickly attracts the lustful attention of the female tenants, subsequently causing violent encounters with their spouses and immediately becomes intertwined in each of the tenants’ lives, but when a murder happens in the apartment building, everyone becomes a prime suspect.

“This is a story more for the ladies but the guys will love it too. I hadn’t read any of the books prior, but once I heard some of the titles they were familiar and they did ring a bell because other people are always talking about them and they have been so successful and been positive for so long,” said Rucker.

This film is a major hit for African-America talent and production in Hollywood. The only African-American owned publishing company in the country, has partnered with TriDestined Studios to bring Carl Weber’s best-selling novel The Man in 3B to select theaters nationwide.

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Lamman states that was one of the reasons he decided to take on this film, “I’m also one of the producers on this and a big important thing was for us to do this together to build not only this project, but to build each other’s companies and brands while working together and sharing our expertise and goals, dreams and passion. Relatively speaking, we did a lot with a little.”

We know that there is a shortage of jobs for black actors so we have to start creating our own content and story lines and that is what this film does.

“This is all about us working cooperatively and taking the initiative to tell our own stories and we’ve got great stories to tell.  There are folks who are looking forward to bringing those stories to the screen and when those people meet and get the opportunity to do it collaboratively, some really special things can happen and I think this film is a reflection of that,” Rucker said.

The Man in 3 B is distributed by One Unit of Shakim Compere and Queen Latifah’s highly successful Flavor Unit Entertainment. Carl Webber has landed a 7 film production deal for his books and Lamman will star in other film called No More Mr. Nice Guy that will be out later next year.

The Man in 3B is in theaters now so make sure you go see it and support these men and women making major waves in the film industry.

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