Le’Dor Milteer is many things. She’s an executive producer, an advocate an Atlanta-are politician, a wife and mother but more recently, she became a cast member for Bravo’s exciting new limited series, In a Man’s World. Showcased on the the series’ second episode, the network and Milteer allowed viewers to see the politician in a new limelight! We caught up Le’Dor to discuss her experience on the series, the release of her new book, and how she gracefully juggles all she has on her plate!

Tell us about your experience on Bravo’s In a Man’s World.

What an experience it was! (Laughs). I got a chance to go under full prosthetics as a man. The award-winning artists changed me from Le’Dor to Roy. My experience was oh my goodness, incredible!

You are an advocate for women’s equality. Why is this matter so important to you?

I think it goes back further. I ran for office in 2017 because I live in Sandy Springs. The people that run and win for office do not look like me, they have never had a person of color, and there are not any women. I didn’t want to sit there and complain about the issue anymore, I instead decided that I was going to do something about it by running for office. I ran and I lost but I gained 50% of the voters’ increase since the last election. After that, I realized that a lot of the people had many issues. Of course, I knew as a woman running, it was going to be hard and as a woman of color even more hard. The one thing I was not prepared for was that regardless of age, race, and gender, a lot of people had a problem with me because I was running for office as a mother with young kids. 

I didn’t know that was an issue in this day and age. Bravo reached out to me because they loved the story. they asked me, “Do you think you would’ve won if you were a man?” I said, “Most definitely!” That’s when I went undercover as a man to a group of voters and they had no idea I was a woman.

How are you able to juggle entrepreneurship and motherhood and remain sane?

(Laughs)! I think we’re all a work in progress when we talk about sanity (laughs). I think that what we do is take time out and balance. I think that’s number one! Call it out for what it is, we never ask a man how he balances being a father and his work. As a woman, we need to acknowledge that this is we’re apart of mom-biased. Bravo filmed me for a year, they gave me a voice and motion coach. In that time, I wrote two different speeches. One as a woman and one as a man. As Le’Dor, I introduced myself as a wife, mother, community organizer, and I am running for office because I am here for you. As Roy I said, “My name is Roy and it would be in your best interest to vote for me because I am the best man for the job.” I gave all my power to Roy. I was basically asking permission as Le’Dor. As women, we have to look at what it is, face it, and not fall for the question of how a mother balances anything. We can simply do what they do.

Give us all the details on your new book.

I try to be as raw as I can be. I can’t shout to women to be in office and be in power if I didn’t tell them the downside to this story. That’s not real or honest, I just want to be transparent. The book was made because my husband said something to me that wasn’t too nice. He hurt me because he was upset. I was campaigning and my daughter at the time was 17 months. I asked him to grab the baby while I go knocking on some doors. He looked at me and said, “Grab the baby for what? She’s not going to cry for you.” (Sighs). At that moment, I had a little breakdown about myself. I cried, I felt bad, and I felt the mom guilt. I knew that I was doing it for her but she doesn’t understand. I felt really helpless, anytime I feel that way I know I have to do something about it. Mom’s Best Jobs is about mothers and their jobs because we’re not going to be able to be with you all the time. I understand that I have to go but while I’m gone, I’m thinking about you because you’re a Mom’s Best Job. Even though it’s a children’s book, I think it’s a bonding book for moms because it also helps with mom-guilt. 

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

That’s an exciting question because there is so many options! One of my projects going forward is to speak to women because I want to empower women by facing our problems. From this point on, in order to fix the problem and seek change, I have to address the problems. Besides maybe running for office or being a community leader, I think we need to have a conversation with moms, after that we can open up the conversation to everyone else.

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Featured Image by Ernest Collins