R&B singer and actor, Tony Terry is an international legend in the music industry for his top- charting singles, movie soundtracks, albums, Broadway performances, and plays. Terry is now starring as the leading cast member in the JD Lawrence musical production, “Your Husband Is Cheating On Us,” which is a stage play and reality series on Bravo that follows the behind-the-scenes behaviors that take place while putting this production together.

For generations, the urban theater experience has been a thriving component of African American entertainment. Talent from all over the world come together to sell out major venues with powerful messages and inspirational musical stage productions, yet often we never get to see how things really go down behind the scenes of these stage plays. At times, not every rehearsal is peace and love. “Your Husband Is Cheating On Us” shines the light on what goes on behind the show. The cast also includes Ginuwine, D’atra Hicks, Tondy Gallant, Lia Grant, Kristen Plati, and Jermaine Sellers. JD Lawrence’s strategies for the show include moving everyone into a house together for about eight weeks and injecting real-life experiences from their lives into the script. Additionally, the behind-the-scenes drama between the cast members takes matters to another level that will either make or break the show.

“There is so much drama going on in the show”

–Tony Terry

Recently, Tony Terry shared with me his experience on the show and highlighted some music projects he has in the works.

How did you become part of the play and reality show “Your Husband is Cheating On Us”?

I was called in during the last couple of weeks of the shoot and rehearsal process. The show was originally starring Ginuwine and Jermaine Sellers from American Idol. Ginuwine thought the part was a bit more than he could deal with considering his schedule, and Jermaine just wasn’t into the part. So I was called in, to sort of save the day. Right now, the show is running on Bravo and overall it was a great experience.

Describe your character in the play and reality show, “Your Husband Is Cheating On Us.”

My character, Marvin is a bit of a player. Throughout the play, he has an issue with cheating on his wife and his side chick. He is just really caught up and it was really fun to participate with the role, and in the show because of the energy of it.

You’re currently involved in another play, “Don’t Count Me Out”, share some details about this play.

Yes, it’s called “Don’t Count Me Out”, and my character is an abused husband. When you think of abuse, most people don’t think of a man being abused, they think of a woman being abused. In this case, my character is abused by his wife, not physically, but verbally and mentally. She is basically nonstop and there is not a lot of value to her and eventually, the relationship does not work out. In the play, my character says to his wife, “Just because I wasn’t what you needed, don’t count me out because one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. So while things don’t work out with him and her, he goes on to eventually find his happiness and peace.”


The stage play, Don’t Count Me Out, delivers a strong message that says despite how things may appear, no one should ever be counted out. At some point in life, we all will encounter someone who doubts our ability to perform or succeed, whether it’s in our relationships, regarding a specific talent, or even in our profession or career. This play that Tony Terry stars in is full of drama and real-life situations you can relate to because deep inside the heart of every person is the ability to come back stronger and better than before.

Written and directed by Henry Fernandez, Don’t Count Me Out, features a talented cast of actors, entertainers, and singers, also including comedian Marcus Wiley; season one winner of TV’s The X Factor, Melanie Amaro; and gospel singer/songwriter Shirley Murdock. The play debuts on Friday, October 5, and more information is available by visiting!

As an R&B legend, how would you describe your journey in the entertainment industry thus far?

Well, I’m just humbled that I’m still working and still getting calls. I just try to stay healthy, fit, and ready for whatever God has for me. I’m just really grateful. Right now I’m working on new music; an inspirational album and a new R&B album. I also have a men’s grooming line, and it’s just all been about constantly re-inventing yourself. 

What upcoming projects can we expect from you in the remaining year?

Well, I’m just trying to be a good dad, a good husband and balance it all together, those right now are my projects.


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