Lenise Williams is no stranger to working hard, having a vision, writing it down and making it plain. She is the epitome of a phenomenal go-getter, who hasn’t allowed “life” as a busy single mom, business owner, and all-around superwoman handling it all, to get in her way. If we ever needed a true definition and representation of a woman who “has it all” when it comes to business and balance, then we know that Williams’ perfectly poised head shot would be sitting right next to the words, goal-getter. We had an opportunity to catch up with Williams to gain a full scope and better understanding of her past, present, and future with business, babies, and balance. Go ahead sis, we are rooting and cheering for you!

What inspired you to pursue your new company, Made Leather Company?

I love business and knew that I wanted to create a product-based business that I could build and leave as a legacy for my children. However, I just did not know what type of product I wanted to sell. In November of 2016, I traveled as a guest to speak at a United Nations Conference in Marrakech, Morocco. While there, I had the opportunity to experience the cuisine, the culture, and I fell in love with Morocco. I learned about the city’s history in leather craftsmanship. I was amazed at the quality, the details and the beauty of the leather goods available in Morocco. I asked many questions and collected business cards and phone numbers, for I knew that I would want more bags for myself at some point. I recognized that some of the artisans were providing bags that were of better quality than highly sought after Italian leather bags.

While traveling back to the United States, a light bulb went off. I realized that this could be the product-based business I had been itching to create. I gave it a lot of thought during my journey back home, I even sketched out a business plan on a cocktail napkin on the plane. I felt that these bags were hidden gems and that people in the United States would appreciate the craftsmanship.

You aren’t new to entrepreneurship. Tell us a little more about your background prior to starting your latest venture.

I started my entrepreneur journey in 2005. After graduating from law school, I started working as an associate attorney in a personal injury law firm. That job lasted only six weeks. I quit the job because I did not like the way that I was treated. I was performing but could not tolerate not feeling appreciated and respected by my boss that was always on the golf course! I left and eventually started my own law firm. I built the law firm into a very profitable business in a short period of time. That happened because I was obsessed with marketing and what I later learned was called, branding.

After going through a divorce with two very small children I ultimately decided to commit to living my best life. That resulted in me walking away from my practice, my passion was in running the business. I bet on myself and decided to relocate and ultimately landed in Atlanta, Georgia. There, I invested in businesses and operated businesses. I learned many lessons along the way. I soon found myself consulting other aspiring and existing entrepreneurs on how to do the same thing. I began consulting full time and also handling the legal aspects of protecting their business through copyright, trademark, etc.

Being a mompreneur is not for the faint of heart. How do you manage to balance your family, company, and find time for yourself; self-care?

Organization honestly was not my strongest attribute growing up. Now that I have so much going on in my life, as a single parent of two very active teen/preteen boys, and a serial entrepreneur, I have been forced to make organization a stronger attribute.

Part of becoming an entrepreneur was for me to be present for my children as much as possible. I pride myself on cooking dinner for my boys on most nights, getting them to their extracurricular activities daily, and having missed only about five football/basketball games total that they’ve ever played. In order for me to do this I have to maintain organization and an occasional glass of wine (laughs).

I was once that parent that had “mom guilt” when I would plan a trip without my children or when I would pack for them to go spend time with their dad out of state. Now, I recognize that I work so hard in business and as a parent and know that I need and deserve the time for myself. I am a better businesswoman and a better mother when I practice self-care.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us that you are currently working on?

In a few days I am launching a new blog: Momprenuer_Esq is my Instagram handle and under that handle I share pictures and tips about my life in business, business tips and lessons I have learned, life as a mom, and about things that I genuinely enjoy. I thought a blog in which I discuss business, babies and balance would be a great way to expound on some of the things I share on social media. I am looking forward to launch day and sharing more information that could possibly inspire or motivate someone else to start a business or just go out and live their best life!


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