Annmarie Skin Care is every skincare fanatic’s dream come true. The skin care line, created by Annmarie Gianni and her healthy hubby Kevin Gianni, one of the top educators in the natural health world. Together the powerful duo is unstoppable and it clearly shows in each and every product they offer. Obsessed is an understatement. Not only are the products infused with crystals but the line is made with wildcrafted and organic ingredients! Throw out that highlighter because you’re about to be glowing! SHEEN got the inside scoop from Andrea Duffy, who works in Business Development for Annmarie Skin Care. Duffy shares everything from the inspiration behind creating the line and what they’ve got up their sleeve fr you in the future!

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

My name is Andrea Duffy and I work in the business development for Annmarie Skin Care, I’ve been working with them now for almost a year. I work with some of our influencers and different brands that we collaborate with. I’ve been in the industry for seven years, working with detoxification and diet. Specifically paying attention to different ingredients used in products. I live in Kansas, I have two sons and a husband!

What was the inspiration behind creating Annmarie Skin Care?

When Annmarie Skin Care started, it began with Kevin and Annmarie who are husband and wife. They started about nine years ago, travelling around in a vegetable oiled RV interviewing different health practitioners and manufacturers to educate people on conscious consumerism. One of the questions they were often asked was, “What type of skin care products do you recommend?” Annmarie began looking in her cabinets and quickly realized that she was not going to recommend any of those products because there was nothing that had 100% pure and natural ingredients. She then sought out to find formulators that would help find skin care lines that she could recommend. With that, she found Bunny, who formulates skin care and she is based out of Colorado. They worked together with the rest of the Annmarie Skin Care team to create the line. We have a lot of different products but we’re most known for our infusion process. Most of our products are infused with inavate aloe vera juice.

Annmarie Skin Care is made with wild crafted and organic ingredients, why do you all believe this is so important for us to have these ingredients in the products we use for our skin?

When you’re getting things that are selected and harvested at their natural state, without change or modification, it’s giving back to your skin. You’re able to get a different level of hydration and also feeding the skin. It’s good for evening skin tones, making your skin bright and radiant. The moisture you bring back to your skin makes your skin glow!

Do you have a favorite product from the line? Can you tell us about it?

I was actually using the products from Annmarie Skin Care long before I started working for the brand. Everyone’s skin is different but for me, I like a more sturdy product that gets deep into the skin. My favorite products are the Citrus Mint Cleanser and our Citrus Stem Cell Serum. I apply the Citrus Stem Cell Serum to my skin and then I normally fill it in with an oil that we have specifically made for oily skin.

What can we expect to see from Annmarie Skin Care in the future?

We’re out crafting and looking at all the ways we could possibly do differently and ingredients we can incorporate. One of the things we’ve recently launched is our Probiotic Serum. You apply it to the skin and you will automatically feel the difference. It’s soft, regulates skin and balances the pH with the tremella mushroom. Tremella is amazing for the skin, it’s a great anti-aging product. We’re also looking in the future to potentially offer additional makeup. Right now, we have a mineral foundation but we are looking to do more with makeup!

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