To break it down, AquaGold therapy is a new version of microneedling that leaves the skin plump and healthy. The treatment essentially involves hollowed needles filled with fluids to revitalize your skin – Botox, Hyaluronic Acid and patient PRP, just to name a few. These needles reach the dermis (aka the super important part of the skin) to deliver the fluids and pump all the goodness into your skin, promoting collagen regeneration. This two-hour treatment can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lessen age spots and uneven skin tones, and most importantly, bring skin back to life! 

Throughout the treatment, the patient experiences thousands of tiny punctures that are smaller than a strand of hair. Sound painful? Yeah, that’s what we thought too. But, what most people do to prevent the dreaded pain is apply some sort of numbing cream. 

Dr. Numb Topical 5% lidocaine cream is one of the best on the market! One tube of Dr. Numb is only $50-60 and can last for several uses. The potency of this product is exactly what you need to prep your skin for any painful treatment. 

We gave this stuff a whirl and found that it only took roughly 20 minutes for the product to kick in before numbing the skin completely. It also lasted 3 hours, which meant we could apply it right before the treatment and relax as our dermatologist did the work. 

If you are going to have any sort of professional skincare, especially the Aquagold Therapy, you have to get your hands on some Dr. Numb! 

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