The 2nd season of American Beauty Star has returned to Lifetime TV and is a competition show, similar to Project Runway. The show is hosted by plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham, and Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John, along with supermodel, Christie Brinkley. New York-born but Atlanta resident & celebrity makeup artist OZ, is competing on the second season. SHEEN caught up with the celebrity makeup artist and key makeup artist for Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise to talk about her experience filming with Lifetime TV. The competition is currently airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime TV.

Oz is a vivacious artist of many talents. She started her passion for fashion and all things beauty at 12 years old. Today OZ owns her own salon, beauty brand, and has been the key makeup artist for Real Housewives of Atlanta on BRAVO and Iyanla Fix My Life on OWN and is the star of the new season American Beauty Star.

How did you start your professional makeup career?

I graduated from Aveda’ s Cosmetology Program in 2008 as a hairstylist but makeup was always a natural talent. I decided to take makeup full on and start my company Makeup by Oz in 2011.

What would you say was your defining moment in your career? (Career highlights)

There wasn’t one defining moment in my career more of a sequence of defining moments. When Nene hired me as her personal MUA was one for sure. Also when I taught a makeup class in Trinidad, that was pretty awesome.

How did you connect with Lifetime TV Networks?

The producers of American Beauty Star contacted me one day and propositioned me for a spot on their show.

What was your experience like filming with “American Beauty Star”?

Filming American Beauty Star was a very exhausting but fun experience. I was able to meet, and work with a mentor, Sir John, who I have admired for years in the industry. And I was able to push my creative limit out so out of my comfort zone. It really challenged me as an artist

How did it feel to be selected out of thousands of applicant?

I was honored to be con contacted about the show. I’ve been working in my industry for almost 12 years now and it was a huge feeling of gratification that came over me.

Did you have a favorite moment while on set filming?

There are a lot of moments when we were filming that made me laugh hysterically and cry. Actually, the very first day, when they told us brushes down and our time was up I kind of leaned back and let out a sigh of exhaustion and my wig completely fell off in front of the entire cast and crew! (laughs) Believe that was the one and only day I did not glue down my wig!

What can viewers look forward to this season? What will we learn about OZ?

This season of American Beauty Star is filled with so many good things. Our expert and mentor Sir John gives a lot of great tips that you can also use in everyday life. And of course, we got a couple Messy Mariah’s in the bunch.

I think the viewers will learn a lot from me during the show. They’ll connect with me on a more personal level regarding my family. Most of my supporters over the years just know me through social media but this show really showcases my skills and talent as I’m a hairstylist, not just a makeup artist. A lot of people didn’t know that I actually was a hairstylist for years before I got into the makeup industry.

Right now I have my hands in a couple of projects. As the renown wig queen, Of course, I have a wig line, Mahani Hair I just recently opened a new salon in Buckhead. I am still hiring positions there. And as a licensed educator, I just started my 3rd nationwide ITraining Tour, Deeper Than Brows, a Microblading program, and Learn 2 Lash. I love helping beauty professionals reach their financial goals!

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