Wright A. Jones MD, held a private meet & greet at his office Wright Jones Plastic Surgery on Thursday May 26th. The event featured delicious small bites, a jazz guitarist, and a bartender. Guests were invited to mingle together and given the chance to speak with Dr. Jones one on one.

Jones, a very talented plastic surgeon, has been practicing for six years and finds passion in changing lives. Inspired by an accident that left his cousin burned and in need of treatment when he was a child, Jones knew from an early age what he wanted to do with his life. Spurred on by supportive parents who stressed education, and guided by a very successful mentor-a plastic surgeon out of California-Jones has followed his dreams straight into owning his very own practice in the affluent neighborhood of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA.

Shortly after opening his practice, and after a bit of apprehensive contemplation, Dr. Jones joined the cast of Lifetime’s Atlanta Plastic, a docuseries following three black plastic surgeons and their African American patients seeking treatment. The series seeks to highlight the differences in beauty standards amongst the races. “Initially I’d told myself that I didn’t need the show. But then I realized that its not about what I want all the time. What if someone sees the show and feels inspired both by how I help people and who I am as a person? You don’t have to be extraordinarily different to make your dreams come true. You can do it with hard work.”

While the show seeks to focus on the doctors and the dramatic moments of the whole pre and post surgery process, Dr. Wright keeps his focus squarely on the patients and their experience. “We aren’t a factory. My staff is trained to start with “how is your day?” instead of “what do you need done?” My patients are normal people, some celebrities, some blue collar, all important.” Expansion is also something he’s looking forward to. “Currently we do travel to perform surgeries, and while that doesn’t in any way inhibit my ability to perform or negatively affect results, it would be more convenient to do surgery in the same facility I do consults. So I’m looking to expand into that within the next year.”


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