Lil Mama is back and just released a new mixtape entitled Take Me Back. The rapper/dancer excitedly talks about the inspiration for her mixtape and it’s name as well as future acting projects.

Can you tell me about you new mixtape Take Me Back

Well, Take Me Back is a mixtape inspired by the golden era of hip hop, which people really took to lyricist and melody. Hip Hop and R&B started to fuse at some point in the early 90s, [which was] interesting because when Hip Hop started, they pretty much were taking R&B records rhythm and blues and turning them into hip hop records. Half the people were rapping on melodies that were turned into Hip Hop beats. The R&B element of it was embraced and that’s something that inspires me and that’s why I indulged in it. I feel like the element of Hip Hop and R&B right now sounds the same [and] I just wanted to go back to that element.

Will this be more up beat tempo music?

There is an array of tempos through the track. I think it pretty much starts off more mid tempo and ease our way to more up-tempo type of vibe. So its a little bit of both I would say.

What keeps you motivated in this industry?

My motivations comes from God, being a spiritual being and being in an obedient space. I can hear God and see him through signs and all types of things that push me and remind me of what I’m suppose to be doing, and where I’m suppose to be. Even through family, friends, fans and supporters or even people who are in the reverse of that. It’s all motivation because when someone pushes you or points out things to you that you know is great, other people may envy those things or try to oversee it, because they can’t do it. It’s really is inspirational; to keep going and stay motivated especially with having younger siblings. When I was their age, I had people tell me whatever it was that I was doing to keep doing it or fuel what I was already into, if it was something positive and pushing me in that direction. So, I want to be the person to do that for them. It is so many different things, God being first, my family and people who support me.

Who are some artists that you would like to work with that you haven’t already?

That’s a good question. I would like to work with Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, I like Tink; she’s fire. Jazmine Sullivan, that’s my girl I think she has extraordinary talent. Queen Latifah, in television and music, but more so since she’s focused on the film stuff now I would love to work with Queen Latifah. I would work with Ice Cube in film, Will Ferrell, Cameron Diaz, it’s so many people that I’m fans of in music and in movies and all of the arts that I partake in. So, it’s some collaborations that have yet to happen.

Lil Mama new 1

Since you mentioned movies can we look forward to you getting more into acting?

Of course, definitely looking into getting more into acting. I’m allowing my music to kind of segway right now into more acting and things like that. I just want to be able to do what I love, but focus on it and give the fans the best quality. I think it is a big responsibility when you expand your gift in front of the world on a platform for everyone to see. The expectations are higher and to whom much is given much is expected or required. It’s taken time for me in music and movies, I’ve always been a huge fan of all things that I do being music, singing, rapping, dancing and acting as well. I want to make sure I give my all and my best and focus completely in that moment.

How are you preparing for the New Year?

Well, I’m already in my new year’s resolution because I have already taken the time out to focus on one thing at a time, to give it my all and best at it. Putting out this EP style mixtape is in some way an album to me because I’m giving quality work to my fans. I haven’t put out an album in 7 years. In finding completion and growth of whatever that phase was throughout these 7 years. So, as I move on to the next thing, be it acting or seminars, speaking to young people or opening my own dance school. I’ll be able to do those things one-step at a time as opposed to trying to do so many things at once. I’m learning the process of creating and releasing and it’s working out well for me, walking into the New Year, I’m feeling ready

What motivational or encouraging words would you give a young girl who wants to follow in your footsteps and get to the point you are now?

Stay focused. There may be other people that you want to work with or are inspired by, but allow it to happen organically. Don’t look for that immediately, focus on yourself and keep your head down in that space of pushing and by the time you look up, you won’t believe where you are because of all the hard work and all the seed that you’ve sewn. Not only in your career, but in life stay motivated, stay focus and most importantly stay encouraged.

How can fans reach you?

I want to let the fans know to subscribe to my website, it is because that’s a way they’ll be able to keep up with me this year. We’re going to be doing a lot of things this year and they’ll be able to come to my home, Lil Mama house. On Instagram it’s @lilmama, my Facebook and Twitter is Lil Mama and my SoundCloud is These are all the outlets in, which my fans can find me dropping quotes or photos and videos and things like that.