The ladies love Russell Hornsby and we can clearly see why. He’s the leading man in the world of entertainment and he is on his way to the top with no plans of leaving anytime soon. In an exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, the actor opens up about his past role on the hit series Lincoln Heights and his upcoming projects!

How did you get into acting and when did you know that this was the direction you wanted to take in your career?
Well its funny, you know. I am in my 40s now, 44 to be exact and proud of it! It’s interesting to look back because I realize that I’ve been doing this my whole life. I started doing this in high school. It was a dare for me to audition for the musical, The Wiz. I auditioned and basically, after that, I got the bug (laughs). All the spring musicals my sophomore year and my senior year I was in the fall play instead of playing football. I decided to “take the easy way out” as many told me at the time and went to acting school. People thought I was crazy! Little did I know…(laughs) it wasn’t that easy. I went on to study at Boston University and when I graduated, I went straight to New York. I did my tour if you will, of small plays in auditoriums that seated 50 people but only had five people in the audience. For me, it was just trudging up that hill and putting in the work to learn about the job and how to play the character.

I look up and 20 years later, I’m here. 20 years ago in January, I got my first paying job and this September will be 20 years when I basically started working for a living and I haven’t looked back since that time.

You’ve been on Lincoln Heights, Grimm, Fences, 7 Seconds, and currently The Affair. Do you have a favorite that you’ve worked on thus far?
It’s interesting. My favorite was probably Lincoln Heights simply because the aspect of a family and being a father and husband was very enduring to me. I will say, I’m probably most proud of the film, The Hate You Give that I have forthcoming because it encompasses all that I did in Lincoln Heights but what I feel is a more mature, adult level now. I like what the film is trying to say and I’m proud of the work we did as a collective.

You will star in the upcoming FOX 2000, The Hate You Give. Tell us about your experience with that project.
It’s the film that I’m most proud of because I think for the first time as an actor on film or television, I was able to bring all of me and my depth of personality, character, and filming as an actor in a character. It was just a wonderful collaboration we did in order to bring this novel to life. It was a very intense film, we had a lot of fun but there were definitely moments where it felt so probable and real. Overall, working with George Tillman Jr. the director and my co-star, Amandla Stenberg was really just a joy!

You star in the highly anticipated, Creed II. Can you tell us about your character on the show? What can viewers expect to see?
Well, I play what I like to call him the loquacious Buddy Marcelle who is the fight promoter. He is not necessarily the mustache, twirling Don King but somebody with a little more grace. They talk about bringing Ivan Drago and Creed’s son together. I’m in the middle of that, I put the whole fight together because it’s the only way to bring heavyweight boxing back to the fore and it’s something people want to see.

What can we expect to see from Russell Hornsby in the future?

I start production for a new television series called, “Proven Innocent.” It is a law firm that deals with wrongful convictions. I get to portray a lawyer who is working diligently to free people who have been in prison unjustly.

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