Barbering runs in the blood, in the genetic code of the Menendez family line, going back as much as three generations, and so, it goes without saying that it’s no different for the most current member of the clan, Wade Menendez. The master barber took his family legacy and shaped it into a six-figure pay off and influential career, all while doing what he loves, fashioning hair looks and cuts.

A pioneer of “hair units,” or the man weave movement, Wade started off working in a single chair station of a small salon, but through patience, persistence, and hard work eventually blossomed into the success he is today. However, Wade also learned the art of self-promotion. He explains, “Once I started promoting myself and branding, I went from maybe cutting five people a day to cutting 15,” and if you’re the entrepreneurial type then you know the best type of “social” networking for business types is of course LinkedIn.

Saying this, it makes sense that Wade’s story is part of LinkedIn’s web series called #HowIGotHere. The show is hosted by Maya Pope-Chappell and dedicates itself to sharing the story behind the story, “Featuring both notable names and hidden gems in entertainment, media, venture capital, barbering, and more,” in which, “Guests talk about the pivotal moments that propelled them forward, the challenges they encountered and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.” Essentially, anyone looking for inspiration, or encouragement to keep on keeping on, fighting for your dreams, #HowIGotHere is the perfect remedy.

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