As an extension of the book A Heroine in Heels, Author and Playwright, Ardre Orie wrote and directed “Lipstick Monologues: A Heroin in Heels” to lead audiences through a journey towards inspiration, triumph and love of self. Lipstick Monologues is a stage production that intricately features the testimonial of unspoken minds and hearts of women dealing with subjects of pain, conflict and trials. The show features some of Atlanta’s most talented actresses, in a uniquely arranged portrayal of words and soliloquies that bring front and center the range of emotions that women and teen girls experience in their daily walks of life.

The 444 Theater was filled with emotions as the play explored topics of domestic violence, human sex trafficking, rape, molestation while also portraying women who have overcome a innumerable obstacles to become the heroine of their own  lives. Lipstick Monologues is  produced by acting veteran Rasheda Randle and the cast included Tare’ Glasper, Cherrie McRae, V. Taybron, Jamillah Rahmaad, Christiane Renee, Latasha Stevens, Tee Johnson, Sheena House, Shatareia Stokes, Symphony Lyricist, Jeannine Oliver, Melanie Anderson and Ryn Rose.

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The show creatively intertwines fashion and dramatic interpretation to tell the stories. The featured designers were Van Miller International, Tony Holland Couture, Tori Wilmoth Couture and Vice Styles.  The creative twist Ardre put on this play will have you flowing through emotions of joy, pain and self-love, all while catching the latest fashion trends in between the profound monologue scenes.

Ardre says her message in this inspirational play is simple, “All the power that you will ever need, you already have. We forget how powerful we are, the world does things that kind of take our power away, but we give it the ability to.”

On when we can see another Lipstick Monologues production Ardre says, “With the Lipstick Monologues we try to do it every six months, we don’t want people to get tired of us and I have to go in the dungeon and write my raps,” she says laughing. “We are also launching the men’s addition and we are right now casting for that. The energy and the momentum behind this is great.”

In addition to her book and the monologues, Orie founded Pink Wish Foundation and a cosmetic line I Love Me, to help aid in empowering women. Lipstick Monologues rose funding to produce self-esteem related campaigns and mass media for women and girls throughout the U.S. The Lipstick Monologues production is in partnership with the Pink Wish Foundation and the Consciously Beautiful Movement.