You know and love her on Lifetime’s hit series, Little Women: LA, Tonya Renee Banks is here to prove to us exactly what being a boss means in her book. Banks sat down for an exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine to discuss everything you can expect to see from the brand new season of the show and the many projects she has up her sleeve!

Tell us about the upcoming season of Little Women: LA. What can viewers expect to see?

A lot! (Laughs). You can expect to see a lot of emotions, drama, but at the same time, you will see a lot of coming together. All the women, including myself, have our own projects that we’re doing. Personally, I am working on building my own empire. You will get insight into everyone’s own different goals.

You also have your own athletics line called, Little Boss Body. What inspired you to create that?

Well, I am the oldest out of the group. I just really want to stay healthy and in shape. Doing the show and off the show, we usually go for drinks and stuff. That alcohol kind of puts on weight (laughs). I had a personal trainer that began working me out but I couldn’t really find any activewear line that would fit me. I wasn’t trying to look fashionable; I just wanted it to fit and to feel comfortable while working out, that’s what inspired me to create Little Boss Body.

photo Courtesy of Alireza Soroush

What made you want to create your line of tasty wines called L’Tonya Renee?

Right now, I have a red blend, Merlot, Shiraz, and Zinfandel. I started drinking wine in 2011 but I liked sweet wine. When we would go to restaurants to order wine, they wouldn’t have a lot of sweet wine and a lot of my friends don’t like sweet wine. I matched up with a winery in Livermore, California to make a wine that wasn’t too sweet but not dry, it’s in the middle. When I have my mind on creating something, I want everyone to be able to enjoy it. I wanted the wine to appeal to the sweet palate as well as the dry palate. I came up with the name, L’Tonya Renee because my grandmother used to always call me that. I kept telling her my name is Tonya and she said she told my mom that I should’ve been named L’Tonya Renee. As her memory faded, she would always call out L’Tonya! She was stuck on that name (laughs).

Tell us what can we expect to see from Tonya Banks in the future?

Well, right now I have a hot dog called Little Boss Dogs available at Art’s Chili Dog Stand just off the corner of Florence and Normandie in Los Angeles, California. Its an all beef brisket hot dog with all the toppings: mustard, ketchup, chili, pickle relish, and cheese!

I’m also producing and starring in a play called “Roxy.” We’re going on tour, we just finished Los Angeles at The Hudson Theatre for two weekends. Next, we will be in San Bernardino on May 15th. After that, we’ll hit Atlanta, Detroit, and New York. It’s a fun play, very risky. It is about two bosses; they are two strip club owners. I am one of the owners and it takes you through the journey and complications of two strip club owners.

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