Many aspire to achieve their heart’s desires but how many are willing to step out on faith to do so? Meet 21 year old, Olivia Gold who decided to take a leap of faith in order to pursue her dreams by making a life-altering decision to move to Las Vegas, NV from Queens, NY.

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Olivia and her boyfriend, Will made the move together and from there they created a history of their very own. While beauty is one of Olivia’s interest, their Youtube channel GOLDJUICE, took off! While quickly gaining a large following, their platform has grown to over 600,000 on YouTube!

Now curating content for both a lifestyle and beauty channel, Olivia has just begun on the path to success. As a model, beauty guru and social media influencer, Olivia continues to remain humble. She wants the world to know that she is versatile and is ready to conquer anything! And to always keep in mind: “Never judge a book by itself cover, you never know what the pages may look like. “

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