Artistic soul, Chantel Renea is a woman who loves all things creative. With each creation, Renea is careful in putting together pieces that are intentional in meaning. She is a mother of two and someone who is truly within nature. Loved for not only her creations but her kind and loving personality, Renea was able to build a successful business titled, LMB Bisque & Art Studio. Chantel Renea is here to talk to us about the inspiration behind her studio and her passion for uplifting the souls of others,

What inspired the creation of LMB Bisque and Art Studio?

What inspired my creation of LMB Bisque & Art Studio was the sudden loss of my dear Mother Mary, who was my best friend. I choose to turn my tragedy to triumph. My mom loved to wear her Jewelry and Painting for me was very therapeutic so I combined the two. I choose to honor my mom in everything I do.

If you had to describe your studio in one word, what word would it be and why?

If I had to describe my studio in one world it would be “Serenity,” because you feel the love and peace as soon as you walk in. I created and designed my studio, and it’s really Zen Vibe when you walk in. So who wouldn’t love a peaceful place to create? Ultimately it will help bring out the creative side in you that you probably didn’t know you have.

Why is it so important for you to uplift the souls of others?

I believe for me the reason why it is very important to uplift souls and spirits of others because I know what it feels like to experience the loss of a dear loved one. It is a feeling like no other, a feeling of despair and emptiness. I found peace and acceptance through my journey in expressing my hurt and pain through my art and creativity.

Where do you find the inspiration for each piece of jewelry you make?

My inspiration comes from my mom, each Jewelry piece makes she is my inspiration for everything. I also think of the consumer as well because they will be wearing the personalized piece that they have created. So I make sure I have every color bead, wire in many varieties so that my consumers will have many choices to choose from to honor their loved one. My mother favorite color was yellow so I called my first bracelet I made in memory of my mom Mary Yellow. Even though I start my company back in 2012, making memorabilia for people who love ones who have transition on  I have evolved and my journey has me here in this very moment to stretch my creativity and broaden my horizons.

Where do you hope to see yourself and your brand in the years to come?

I see myself and my brand years to come expanding in multiple store locations worldwide. Touching hearts across the globe. I see my brand not only being a household name but a place where people can come and create but also a therapeutic contribution to the Human Services field helping challenged individuals to regain stability in their lives through art therapy. Having a peaceful atmosphere to come to have free self-expression through painting and creating whether it’s Jewelry, Pottery or Hand Sculpting. We also just added poetry and painting nights too so I’m completely evolving with great intent and living on purpose with a greater purpose in life to share with the world In hopes to be a beacon of light to the world. 

painted by Ally The Artist

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All images B & T Photography | provided by Chantel Renea