Since moving to the New York City area, I was searching for an affordable salon that provided quality service. Lola’s Hair is the one stop shop for styling and virgin hair extensions. The hair boutique and salon has four locations: New York city, Chicago, Houston, and one in Philadelphia. Before my visit, I had a consultation with the stylist and I was able to get assistance with the best texture and styling method for my desired look. I’m always a girl on the go, so I wanted something that didn’t require a ton of maintenance, but also allowed me to easily change up my look. Ultimately, the stylist and I decided that the Bahama’s curl would be the best texture and style.

(CREDIT: Lola’s Hair)

I love big hair, but curly hair is not feasible in the cold weather. The Bahama’s curl is the perfect texture between curly and a deep wave. It also doesn’t require as much maintenance as a curlier texture would.

Once I walked into the salon, there were high fashion metallic mannequins dressed with long luscious locks in a variety of different textures. Lola’s is an express salon, so they ask that you come with your hair already washed and dried. Once I sat in the salon chair, the stylist started braiding my hair. My natural hair is really thick, but the stylist was gentle and didn’t braid my hair too tight. In about 20 mins my hair was braided! Next, the stylist sew in three bundles and wand curled my hair to match my desired style. It took no more than two hours for my hair to be completed and I was in love with the style.

It’s been about three weeks since my visit and I’ve received so many compliments. The hair has been easy to maintain by washing it once a week. I also was given suggested products to maintain the best results with the hair. I would definitely recommend the hair and salon based on the quality and customer service that I received.

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