In this day and age, the most popular television trend is reality TV. Although there are some positive images, not many reality stars are known for being “real”. Tammy Rivera has proven over and over again that she is an exception to the stereotype. Wife of rap sensation Waka Flocka, she knows exactly what it takes to succeed and persevere in life, love, and hip-hop relationships. Tammy sat and dished with Sheen about the juicy details, and answered the questions fans are dying to know the answers to!

Do you think you’ve changed a lot since before Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

I don’t think much has changed about me since before Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, except for the fact that I have a thicker skin, I’m busier, and more focused. I would say that I’m a little bit more guarded. Before Love and Hip Hop, I was like ‘Oh, hey girl! We’re friends? Sure, come over!’ My husband and my real friends always let me know that I’m too nice, but I always gave people the benefit of the doubt. So now, I’m a little bit more protective, and definitely more aware.

What impact do you believe you have contributed to the show?

The impact that I’d say that I’ve noticed with Love and Hip Hop afterward was the effect that I had on girls without even knowing it. I get so many DMs and comments and emails from girls thanking me for being so inspirational. Meanwhile, I’m like ‘how am I so inspiring? I haven’t accomplished anything just yet,’ because I still had all these goals I wanted to meet. But when I sat back and looked at what we have on TV, especially on the show I’m on in particular, there is not enough inspiration coming from that platform. We are displaying negative and false characteristics of young black women. There are only a select few women presenting themselves as an inspiration, myself included. Just something as simple as respecting my marriage and being a good mother was more noticeable for people than the drama. It really pushed me to go harder, because I want to show them that this is possible, and it’s endless.

What is it like being married to Waka Flocka?

Hmm…Okay, so he’s a Gemini. So you have Juaquin, you have Waka Flocka, and you have Waka. Now, Waka Flocka doesn’t come into my house as much. Waka Flocka is his stage presence, you know? He gives a crazy show, and he’s just wild and flamboyant. Waka is who everybody knows, just chilling and having fun with his friends. That’s what everyone knows him by. Juaquin is who I know. That’s who I lay in the bed with and have pillow talk with. Being married to him is full of ups and downs, mostly ups. He gets on my last nerve, and I’ll tell anyone that. But I love him to pieces, and I know he loves me. I’m a Leo and he’s a Gemini, so we’re constantly combative. When he’s home, between him and my daughter Charlie throwing things on the floor together, I have two kids AND I’m the maid! Ha ha! But they’re having too much fun, so I’m like whatever!

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How is motherhood for you?

I was 19 going on 20 when I had my daughter. And before her, all my friends thought I’d be the last person to ever have a kid. It’s so crazy that when you have a child, you become immediately unselfish. It’s no longer about you; its all about your baby. I always tell people that being a mother is one of the greatest gifts in the world and one of my greatest achievements. I want to have about two more. Recently, we found out that Charlie has dyslexia. My husband and I knew that she was having problems in school for years, and we would put her on punishment and take away things. We couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t paying attention.

One day I sat down with her and was like “baby, why can’t you pay attention? Why can’t you do how the other kids do?” And she was like, ‘mommy, I try so hard, but I just can’t.’ So I told my husband that I felt like something was preventing her from focusing. Believe it or not, my baby came to me and she said, ‘mommy, I think I have disexia.’ And I was like “disexia?? Do you mean dyslexia?’ and she was like, ‘yeah, I was on YouTube, and they said its when you get your d’s and t’s mixed up.’ I was like, ‘girl, go sit down. You don’t have dyslexia.’

Shortly after, we chose to get her home schooled, since her problems in school had not gotten better. We felt like that would catch her up to the education level she was supposed to be. We had a tutor come to the house every morning, and soon after got her tested for dyslexia. They confirmed that she did have it, as well as ADHD, which is common in a lot of kids. There are so many kids that have these same situations, and choose to stop going to school or applying themselves period, out of embarrassment. But little do they know, some very successful people like Tom Cruise and Fantasia have dyslexia. And I choose to bring attention to it so kids can have a voice, but incredibly, so does Charlie. She’s coming out with a book called “Charlie’s Dyslexic Powers,” and it is sure to touch the hearts and spirits of children everywhere.  

Is it true that you and Waka are getting your own show, and leaving Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

Umm… both being back on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and having our own show are in future plans. I’ll just leave it at that!

What advice do you have for girls that are still looking to have both a successful career and relationship?

You have to have a relationship with God first in order for anything to prosper in your favor. That’s the number one advice that I would give to anyone. Find a relationship with God before you start any endeavors of your own. Go for your career, and don’t give up no matter what you have to endure. When I say do whatever you have to do, I still mean keeping your integrity in tact; just don’t give up. And as far as a relationship, it’s going to come. Don’t chase it. Just stay focused and concentrate on you. When the time is right, God will send you who he has for you.

You are well known for your constantly glowing skin and your petite figure. What health secrets, tips, and tricks can you share with our readers?

Girl, I’m not even going to lie, I need to take my butt to the gym right now! Ha ha! I’m trying to get on someone’s workout plan now! But seriously, as far as health tips go, I can’t even tell you what to do. I eat terribly, and I should definitely be working out more. As far as my skin, I don’t use a lot of chemicals on my face. That may help someone. People always ask me what I use on my skin. I use Dove Soap and I use Dior Hydra Life Moisturizer. So my regimen is pretty simple.

What is next for you?

Right now, I have a hair line called ZEL by Trivera which is a hair and product line with 100% human hair. You can find out more at I also have a swimsuit line, called Trivera Swimwear, and a clothing line called Trivera. I’m actually about to make a lot of moves with the clothing line. I have a lot coming up to launch that. I mean, whatever the Lord allows me to do, I’m doing. I’m doing a lot more acting; I have a few movie roles coming up, so I’m exited about that. I’m going to be pushing Charlie’s book of course, “Charlie’s Dyslexic Powers”. We’re going to push to get her book into inner city schools to help children who are afraid to speak up to open up about their conditions. Other than that, I’m just not going to stop. I’m just going forward, constantly pushing, the sky will be the limit, God be willing.