Unique Occasions, a premiere event planning company in Atlanta, along with Fanny Q. Enterprises hosted a panel/social mixer, “The Reality of Falling While I Wait”.

Standing on the platform of faith & honestly, the stage was set at The Reality of Falling While I Wait Panel Discussion/social mixer by host Toya “T-Prissy” Exnicious for a no holds barred conversation on relationships, faith, & what it means to fall while waiting. “You can’t get to truth or real without going through honest.” She said.


What followed was a very real, very adult conversation about celibacy, temptation, & coping mechanisms while waiting on God to send who was meant to be your significant other. Relying heavily on scripture to lead the discussion, each panelist took turns explaining their process for dealing with their personal desires while remaining true & faithful to their Christian walk. Panelist John Momplasir touted accountability partners as his method, while Fannie Q – the organizer of the event – reverently spoke about God & prayer keeping her until she is married. “I just don’t want to disappoint him.” she tearfully & joyfully announced.

The other panelists included Francine White & Nyan Boateng who spoke of staying real about your humanity by not expecting yourself to never feel anything, & giving yourself time to fully integrate into this faith walk respectively. Kenny Millz played moderator, keeping the atmosphere light with a few jokes, but keeping the discussion moving with thought provoking questions. After a brief Q&A for the audience & an intermission that included some delicious hor’dourves, performances were had.

Titus (singer/ Titus Music)
Jae Crue (singer/ Jae Crue Music)
Frank Genius The Poet
Dayana Lady Zion Poet
Aerial (singer)

This was definitely an interesting, in depth discussion about what it means to fall while waiting for love & marriage. Very honest advice was given, & you were left with a sense that all things are possible through God.