With Such Damning Disrespect & “British Royalty” Type Confessions…Coupled With Extraordinary Hypocrisy! Clearly, Love and Marriage: Huntsville Is Not A Love Democracy!

Not that all of this episode is worth celebrating, I’m just here to review the facts. Oh wait, but this was supposed to be all about Kimmi. I mean, it was supposed to be all about Maurice & Kimmi’s pre-wedding events. But what had happened was…The Holts?

But getting down to the business…or shall I say the intimate details of Episode 5…

This spicy episode begins with a recap of the events from the Holt’s 10th Anniversary Celebration in which The Real Housewife of Huntsville, Latisha, does admit that she did bring the drama. How sweet! I respect her for her honesty because she did bring and own it. Hey, it’s an OWN produced show, so why not OWN your mess? If only we could get some of the other personalities on the show to OWN their mess!

While Latisha and Mel did lunch, Mrs. Holt offered her advice (again), and it became either misunderstood or just outright distorted! By the time Latisha reached the salon, where the bride to be was being dolled up for her wedding in the 305, Mel’s advice changed entirely. But I guess that’s how gossip usually goes, right?

No, Melody never told Latisha she had the blueprint for marriage. Although she gave some marital clues, she simply said she had the blueprint on, “…how to be an excellent mom and still be fulfilled.” Yeah, she does have the blueprint on that. But no, she doesn’t have the blueprint ready on marriage! The Holt’s are still under construction, and we can only hope it all turns out grand!

Of course, Latisha shared Mel’s confession to Kimmi about how she actually left her cheating husband, Martell, for six months! Who noticed?  But did Martell’s time away cause him to get it together so he wouldn’t lose The Queen?

The show definitely offered a pleasant surprise in which Marsau gladly stepped up to help Latisha with the children. This was such a relief as a viewer because it’s just too much to know that this wife has been feeling like a single mom for so long! No matter what Kimmi thinks, Latisha was absolutely entitled to feel that way! I’m so glad to see Marsau putting in some effort. Or was that just because he knew he would act up a little in Miami at the bachelor party? I’m just saying…

As hot as the “Miami Vices” episode was expected to be, I still wasn’t prepared for the UNFORGETTABLE scene between Martell and Melody. While it probably wasn’t the best time for Melody to bring up her husband’s past infidelities, I can understand how the wedding may have triggered her pain. But is this an occasional pain, or a load that she walks around with on the regular? Could she admit to herself that his actions have caused some insecurities, which is totally understandable?

Just when it seemed she probably shouldn’t have brought it up, Martell responded with such boldness about his “bad behaviors” it became clear that it was definitely time to bring it up! My heart nearly broke for Melody who stood there listening about how he didn’t feel sexually satisfied, which he used as an excuse to cheat! The entire scene deserves a review by itself because I could go on and on about this one! Meanwhile, Melody pointed out how he didn’t fulfill all of her fantasies either, and that she didn’t use that as an excuse to cheat on him. All she asked was that her husband “talk dirty” to her! Maybe that was the prerequisite to getting what he wanted! Talk dirty to your wife Mr. Holt, then make your requests known! Moving on to the next…

Clearly, the events in the 305 were not disappointing at all, that is if you were looking for a whole lot of drama and expecting the boys to be acting bad. It was actually comical, listening to Kimmi informing Maurice about how she wanted to know all the details after the bachelor party. It was just as funny to hear Latisha give her list of demands to Marsau on how to behave at the bachelor party even before arriving in Miami.

Thus far, the gathering in Miami with Kimmi’s “female entourage” has been really “wholesome.” After all, Kimmi’s mom was present. The guys, on the other hand, were quite the opposite. Mel seemed very concerned about what Martell would be doing. Surely enough, after a few shots, and turning into “Marcus,” Mr. Holt definitely showed out. He actually made Maurice look like a nice guy in comparison. They all misbehaved! But what should’ve been expected? Is there a respectful way for married men to attend a strip club? Some would argue that if the wives agreed to their husbands even going, they might as well let all of ’em cheat in peace!

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