Yesssssssss!!! Love Always Win!

After a long, whirlwind courtship, it was more than worth the wait! The count down until the big day finally arrived for Maurice & Kimmi on 8.25.18, as they led all of the wedding party to “The Love Boat!”

On the day Maurice & Kimberly became The Scott’s, God literally set the sky ablaze for this beautiful couple! When a man loves a woman, it definitely shows, and the love that they both shared was the reason that the beautiful, blushing bride glowed!

Did you see “The Ribbon in the Sky” for their love?

Finally, Maurice & Kimmi became one! Thank you, Jesus!!!

With all of this romance powerfully stirring in the air, there were still things and people of course which could have possibly changed the sequence of these spectacular Miami events. For instance, at the couple’s meet and greet, somebody didn’t hesitate in mentioning the bachelor party and even began inquiring about all of the alleged bad boy behavior that took place in episode five.

I couldn’t help but say to myself, “Not again.”

I’m starting to wonder if this is an Alabama thing or some kind of payback for the very rude conversation starters at the infamous Ten Year Anniversary Celebration. But whatever the case, it didn’t stand a chance at ruining the beautiful moment everyone seemed to enjoy!

Still, the episode was so full of love that you might have missed that Marsau didn’t have his wedding band on after a wild night at the bachelor party, not to mention how easy it was to see through his half-truths. But Latisha’s mom, Wanda, definitely noticed and didn’t keep quiet!

With an episode so full of excitement, intimate family fun, love, and inexplicable joy for a couple whose finally saying “I Do,” it wasn’t too difficult to see that Queen Melody seems to be actually saying, “I Don’t!” Weddings just don’t seem to be her thing these days and understandably after she had to deal with the ultimate disrespect by her husband. Mrs. Holt cannot seem to get past Martell’s former cheating and even convinced him to admit that the “situationship” was actually a relationship that lasted two years while he was still married to her.

Talk about a way to make even the strongest woman cry…

Although Martell does seem to be more remorseful now, the sordid details of this affair continues to get messier and messier. He almost gave hope to all Side Chicks of America! Hey, I said ALMOST! Because I have so much love for this couple! I can’t say too much more. OMG! Let’s just say that I’m glad that Mel didn’t end up on one of these other shows! It ain’t worth it Mrs. Melody! That’s the ultimate No-No!

So in conclusion, “The Love Boat” episode was certainly a joyous occasion to witness! Leaving viewers in nothing but tears and a few omg’s along the way, it reminded us that it’s true that Love Always Wins! Congratulations to the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Scott on such a lovely union! May your love continue to be as beautiful and warm as the sunset over Miami.

If you are like most viewers who’s curious to know all of the details, you better tune in! But if you’re a prayer warrior (like me!) and are in need of something new to pray for, I suggest you tune in ASAP.

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