This episode was by far one of the most anticipated and controversial episodes of OWN’s hit reality show Love & Marriage: Huntsville. The cast continues to serve up nothing but ALABAMA HEAT! Will things ever cool down amongst The Comeback Group who are all “supposed to be” friends and business partners? In this episode, you’ll get a potent reminder that everyone who laughs along with you or becomes your business partner isn’t necessarily a FRIEND.

(Hint: People pretend well.)

While many of us were expecting to see The Comeback Group giving back to the Huntsville community, instead we witness the growing complications of the group. It’s hard to imagine how so much has happened and all at once. Could it be that hidden issues are finally coming to the surface, or as they say, “WHAT’S DONE IN THE DARK WILL COME TO THE LIGHT!”

The group is overwhelmed with concerns about the Scott’s financial ability, infidelity and more infidelity, Mel’s refusal to answer CBG messages, and more. Then there are all the accusations, personal attacks, and the cattiness that makes me wonder if there are some deleted scenes!

This episode baffled us, as Martell continued to unleash claims of Marsau’s undercover cheating with multiple women, though without including Maurice in the alleged cheating scandal. But meanwhile, he did say Y’ALL!! So who else was he referring too? The Comeback Group can’t seem to come together, even when it comes to figuring how to end things between them. They are light years away from each other on the amount of the buyout. Martell is expecting over a million dollars, while the Scott’s are said to have only offered $185 (courtesy of Melody Holt via Twitter). Who can “Make It Make Sense”?

Meanwhile, Latisha is increasingly concerned about Marsau’s possible infidelity. Her mom acknowledged that there is probably something to it, while trying to school her on how much sex is needed in a marriage. Ms. Wanda introduced the 4 times per week theory! But is that enough S-E-X for Marsau and is he really cheating? Don’t forget how he took the long route, denying Martell’s claims of infidelity, and acting as if his wife doesn’t have the right to ask. Typical!

Martell’s journey to self-improvement, after a destructive extramarital affair, continues as he spends time with his uncle. He has been forced to look at himself and take in consideration his arrogance and other destructive patterns. Martell spoke about how hard it was for him to end the relationship, because she wasn’t really accepting, and admitted that he had made her feel like she was the one. But doesn’t an adulterer have a right to end an affair without the adulteress being in agreement? Of course! So is this becoming a case of an ex refusing to accept that the affair is now over? I hope this drama ends well for all involved! What a “Heartbreak in Huntsville” this seems to be!

A good thing in the midst of this mess is that Martell really seems to want to identify and address his issues. He still has a lot of work to do. Could it be too late to save his family?

So far, the newlyweds, Kimmie and Maurice, are trying to keep the friendship intact and are not doing the drama thing it seems…at all. But many of us want to know how Kimmi has spent so much time with “Monster” but has not ever met his mother. I love how Kimmi very respectfully offers her husband, Maurice, a motherly perspective on matters and identifies with the role of being a single mom rather than bashing the ex! But it seems that their meeting is long overdue!

Also, congratulations to the Queen of The Scott’s on the new house and all of the love that went into this effort. It was definitely an emotional moment for all. And this episode also introduced a new couple, The Collins! But is the husband genuine in trying to be a peacemaker to all? Stay tuned!

The issues within this episode were major, but “The BMW Scene” was absolutely jaw dropping! Mel and Latisha’s interactions proved that frenemies can and do exist! Latisha had the audacity to expect Melody to supply her information about Marsau, while making it obvious that she wouldn’t believe any of it. So what is the point in asking? While Melody, upon request, offered more than enough to suggest Marsau may be cheating, Latisha went for THE KILL and started speaking very disrespectfully to Melody about Martell’s former mistress, other women, a BMW, and more! This woman CLEARLY is not Melody’s friend, and I doubt she ever has been. 

Love & Marriage: Huntsville definitely has the viewers talking and has social media completely lit! While so many fans are torn between their loyalties to their favorite power couple, many are still hoping for the survival of The Comeback Group. 

Are you ready to see what’s happening with these couples in Rocket City? Stay tuned for more about Love & Marriage: Huntsville.

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