Actress Patrice Lovely plays the exciting yet fiery “Momma Hattie” on OWN’s Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor series. As the family matriarch her focus is to have one big happy family! As one of “Madea’s” best friends, her no nonsense attitude mixed with love and kindness makes this show one to watch.

What can readers expect this season on Love Thy Neighbor?

Everyone knows that Linda will be having the baby and more drama. Sam and Dannie’s friendship is on the rocks so there is a lot happening and Ma Hattie trying to keep everyone from killing themselves as well as keep herself from killing her own self.

What has the experience been like knowing your taping over 100 episodes for this show?

We are excited and happy to bring love, light, and laughter to the world. When Tyler brought Love Thy Neighbor to OWN, we were really excited and its wonderful being able to love what you do.

What is it like working with Tyler Perry?

It’s a joy and everyday I learn from Tyler. Even off set he’s an excellent, God-fearing man so to be at the studio it makes you want to perfect your craft. He wears so many hats yet he still wants to create more jobs for us and everybody so we are thankful to have been a part of it.

How has your experience been from theatre to television?

That was an experience because I’ve been in the theatre over 20 years. Tyler gave me my first show where he created it and did it for Hattie. That was mind-blowing in itself. Being able to play that character who is so familiar to all of us as our mothers, aunties, and grandmothers. When I transitioned from the play, Tyler just took me under his wing and I followed his directions, so now I’m so much more comfortable.

What would you like readers to know about your character Hattie?

Be careful because Hattie will cut you so you have to tread lightly. No, but Hattie is a ball of love and laughter; she brings me energy. When you can make people laugh and then cry, you have a great character which will bring you joy. I love walking in love, comfort, peace, and joy.